5 delicious true confessionsParent24 collects some riveting true confessions from parents and teachers.
Adorable babies having bad hair daysYou may dread having a bad hair day but these kids couldn't be cuter!

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Kid-friendly venues in Cape Town

Local parents share their favourite family-friendly venues in Cape Town. Read More

Toddlers with hairpieces, cute or crazy?

Playing dress-up with your kid is fine, but these hairpieces just seem over-the-top! Read More

Kids may get separate space on planes

Richard Branson considering introducing “kid’s class” to flights. Read More

8 party ideas and a tiny hedgehog’s birthday video

Birthday party ideas for tiny people (and hedgehogs!) Read More

Awesome kid saving lives with... duct tape?

Amazing life-saving invention tragically too late to save "murdered" toddler. Read More

Temper tantrums, can you deal with them?

Being a parent to a toddler could easily be one of the hardest jobs. Read More

5 delicious true confessions

Parent24 collects some riveting true confessions from parents and teachers. Read More

‘All pics of naked kids are porn’, warns the NPA

Parents warned that uploading naked pics of kids to social media is a criminal offence. Read More

It's a vagina not a cheeseburger!

Don't be afraid to teach your kids about penises and vaginas. Read More

6 top tips for parents of toddlers

Six tips from Mysmartkid.com that address some of the most common mistakes parents of toddlers can make. Read More

Heaven is back on Ellen and she's 'Happy'

Three-year-old dancer, Heaven is back on The Ellen Show. Read More


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