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BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.

Baby food

No need to panic about baby milk in SA

A global baby milk recall due to salmonella contamination doesn't affect South Africa.


Deaths from window blinds at an all time high, study says

Blinds have been the primary source of 17,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths in the past 25 years. Now parents call for a 'cord ban'.


Serena Williams wants to know when to stop breastfeeding

New mom Serena Williams is struggling with a common dilemma: when to stop breastfeeding.


Would you let people kiss your baby on the lips? Malema says no!

“Let’s avoid kissing other people’s kids on the lips please!”


Printable: Daily chart for nannies

Download and print this daily nanny chart.


WATCH: This dad proves that hugs really can fix everything

When his little girl was upset, this dad handled the situation perfectly.


Yes, you can breastfeed with large breasts

Lactation consultant and former La Leche League leader Kim Norton shares some advice.


The spinal galant reflex

A video demonstrating the spinal galant reflex in newborns


Mom with 40KK breasts too scared to breastfeed her son – in case she ‘suffocated’ him

"Throughout my pregnancy, I was adamant that I wanted to breastfeed but the size of my breasts ruined it."


The vaccination schedules in South Africa: is your child up to date?

South Africa offers an extensive baby immunisation programme, available free at state clinics. Parents are also have the option to choose the private schedule, either in its entirety or to supplement the government programme. Here are both schedules.


This baby girl is battling the ‘worst case of meningitis in decades’

She contracted an extremely rare type of the disease about two months ago and needed to have one of her arms removed.

Development & Behaviour

WATCH: See the world through your baby's eyes

Here's a look at how your baby’s vision develops throughout the first year.


WATCH: Heart-melting preemie moments

Celebrating the beauty of life this World Prematurity Day.


MY STORY: I was told to kiss my newborn baby goodbye – he’d die in a matter of hours

On the fourth day following his birth, things took a major turn.


‘Littlest Wonder Woman’ from SA

Dubbed a little Wonder Woman, micro-prem baby Jazeel Hlophe's incredible progress proves that with the right care miracles really are possible.


I’ve always wondered: what’s behind the belly button?

We're constantly told what not to do with it, but what exactly is behind this mysterious orifice?


Is breastfeeding older children wrong?

It may be uncommon in the Western world but that doesn't make it wrong, does it? Adding a new dimension to the never-ending breastfeeding battle.


Baby girl miraculously survives birth a month after twin brother dies

The devastated mom asked medical staff to prevent her from going into labour.

Development & Behaviour

Surprising facts about how we talk to babies

This is why we actually can't hold a proper conversation with babies and insist on speaking in high energy, sing song tones.


This little boy lights up every time he sees Christmas decorations!

When this mom took her little boy shopping with her, he got super excited about the holiday season and now, so are we.


Miracle ‘micro-prem’ twins were born at 24 weeks – but look at them now!

“I fell pregnant while on honeymoon, but shortly into the pregnancy realised it wasn’t a normal pregnancy."

Toddler (1-2)

Good news for Randfontein toddler who almost drowned

“We have faith and are praying she’ll be okay, but it’s very hard."


Little boy mimics his uncle’s sexy photos – and the results are adorable!

A little boy has gone viral after recreating his model uncle’s sexy photo shoots.


IN PICS: Who loves orange soda? Kel Mitchell, of course, and his gorgeous baby girl

Kel Mitchell from Nickelodeon's Kenan and Kel welcomed an adorable baby girl into the world, and from these adorable pictures it looks like one day she'll love orange soda just as much as he does.
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