Baby (0-2)

Survey: How do you bath your baby?

Tell us about your baby's bath time habits and you can stand a chance to win one of three R5,000 cash prizes.


9 bath safety tips for babies you need to know

Bathing your newborn can be intimidating. Here are some tips to keep your baby safe and take the stress out of bath time.


Babies, beards and bedtimes

You might want to consider learning to play an instrument after this.


Help your baby learn in the bath

Here are some tips on how to offer sensory stimulation at bathtime.

Development & Behaviour

What is flat head syndrome?

What is this and how do I prevent my baby from getting it? Here's all the answers you need.


WATCH: How to bath your baby for the first time

Johnson's Baby gives you step-by-step instructions on how to bath your brand-new bundle of joy.


Kim's double breast standards

Kim Kardashian says she would never breastfeed in public.

Development & Behaviour

"My baby hasn't started crawling yet"

We know that crawling is an important milestone, but many babies crawl late or not at all. What does this mean for your baby?


How to boost breastmilk

Although a balanced, wholesome diet and some herbal supplements do help, boosting milk supply is mostly about getting the basics right.

Development & Behaviour

When your toddler discovers his gender

When will your toddler become aware of his gender, and how will this change things?


What would you do if you saw this?

Watch how others react to a man discriminating against a woman breastfeeding in public in a breastfeeding social experiment.

Development & Behaviour

Quadruplets in hysterics

Have you ever seen this much laughter?


The Rock is the most adorable dad

Dwayne Johnston welcomes his second daughter with this beautiful photo.

Development & Behaviour

Dad turns baby into Elf on the Shelf

Dad turns his baby into Elf on the Shelf (and it's awesome).

Toddler (1-2)

Is smacking my child a good thing?

Some time-out tricks and whether smacking is a good discipline technique.


They’ll say it too

Don't be fooled, kids are always listening.

Development & Behaviour

Twins are confusing!

Adorable little boy can't believe his eyes when he's faced with twin baby girls.


Sleep struggles? Here's help

Can't understand why baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night? Read on to discover some surprising reasons why he may not be sleeping as well as you’d like.


Breastfeeding secrets

Some women find breastfeeding easy and encounter few problems, while others battle along, unsure of how to solve their individual problems. We found a few breastfeeding moms to share their solutions
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