How I survived going from one kid to two

The things no tells you about making the transition to a four person family.


Readers respond: Mom catches daycare worker feeding her baby

A number of readers shared what they thought of the daycare worker feeding another woman's baby without her permission.


Mom caught daycare worker breastfeeding her baby

A North Carolina, US, mother says surveillance video at the daycare where she works caught another worker breastfeeding her 3-month-old son without permission.


Can I breastfeed after breast surgery?

Whether you’ve had them enhanced or reduced, any type of breast surgery can have implications on whether or not you can breastfeed.

Baby (0-2)

Russell Brand: "We'll raise Mabel gender neutral"

Social definitions of sex tend to oversimplify the biological determinants of gender and anatomy.


Your breastmilk is crawling with bacteria! And that's a good thing

A study by the University of Cape Town has found live bacteria, viruses and fungi in breastfmilk, explaining why breastmilk helps to build a strong immunity in babies.


Debate: Strict, flexible or no routine for young children?

Routine can play a very important role in a child's life. Or are there different ways? Read all about it. 


Baby, mom and dad share same birth date!

This December baby was born on exactly the same date as his mom's – and dad's – birthday!


Your baby: What's normal, what's not

As a mom you’re more in tune with your baby than anybody else. But when there’s a change in how he looks or acts, should you head for emergency room? Here are the most common signs for alarm.


6 quick tricks for trying babies

There is no cure for colic. But there are some actions you can take to help you survive the very worst of it – and, if you’re lucky, even prevent it from running its course


Safe sleeping

Follow these strategies to keep your baby safe and sound while she's sleeping.

Development & Behaviour

Incredible babies mimic parents' singing

How much do you stimulate your baby? Watch these two videos of babies copying their parents singing. Babies are capable of far more than we know!


Meet the nanny

How to find the perfect match for you and baby.


The perfect storm of reflux: A real-life story

With a baby intentionally starving himself, Ian and Kate Rodney had to find answers urgently


What's your baby's elf name?

Is your baby a Peppermint Moo Muffin or an Elfie Love Pie? Find out below.


Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcome baby boy

And baby makes four as Mila Kunis gives birth to a son.


Updated: Genius babies escape from their cots!

Stand back Houdini and MacGyver... and watch these his babies escape from their cots!

Toddler (1-2)

PRINT IT: cute reward charts

Here are Your Baby's beautiful reward charts to help your child with potty training, tidying up, doing their homework... or any other task they're mastering.


Meet 12 adorable preemies and see how they look now

Preemies certainly have it rough from the get-go: We take a look at some of the strongest fighters and see how far they've come.

Development & Behaviour

Bilingual babies are better at detecting musical sounds, research shows

Exposing babies to multiple languages can help them detect differences in musical sounds from an early age.


6 of the most creative ways you’ve gotten your baby to sleep

Absolutely nothing is worst than a baby that needs to sleep but won't.


What more boy births could reveal about South Africa’s health status

Our statistical analysis found that as the sex ratio at birth went up -- that is, more males were born -- so did life expectancy in a strongly related manner.


Minister of Health announces government initiative to save newborn lives in SA

This latest technology is believed to reduce the incidence of premature births and improve antenatal care.


12 Lullabies from around the world

What is it about lullabies that make babies drift off to sleep? We round up 12 beautiful ones from around the world.


20 most precious preemie moments

To celebrate World Prematurity Day, here are a few precious moments of those tiny fighters caught on camera.


All about preemies

17 November is World Prematurity Day and we have all the info and encouragement you might need if you've just had a preemie.

Development & Behaviour

Should babies and toddlers watch TV?

So much television programming is aimed at young children. Not all of it is good for your child. When is it appropriate to introduce a baby to tv, and what do parents need to know about this topic?


Meet the baby who was born "twice"

Margaret Boemer will have an emotional story to tell her 5 month old daughter Lynlee one day: not only was she was born twice, but her heart had stopped beating before she ever entered the world on June 6th.
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