Baby (0-2)



BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!

New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.


Baby's first aid

You need a lot more than just cute clothes for baby. Here are some other essentials and safety tips.

Development & Behaviour

Teddies, dummies and bottles: When should you worry about your child’s attachment to comfort items?

Comfort is key to human development, especially for growing babies. But evidence suggests that well-loved comfort items may cause more harm than good.


WATCH: The stepping reflex in newborns

A video demonstrating the stepping reflex in newborns.


How Ntando Duma’s 7-month-old is earning a salary

The seven-month-old’s bank account might also have more money than ours


PICS: SA’s cutest Instagram babies

Here are some of the cutest local little ones on Instagram.


WATCH: Kylie Jenner welcomes her "little life" – a beautiful baby girl

"I’m sorry for keeping you in the dark through all the assumptions... I knew my baby would feel every stress and every emotion so I chose to do it this way for my little life and our happiness."


Celebrity January babies

These celebs started off the new year on high note by welcoming their new born babies.


WATCH: When introducing weaning to your baby gets you laser beam stares

Her mother tried an interesting weaning method and the look on her child's face is just priceless. We searched for what other moms had to say about changing feeding methods.


Why does my baby cry when she drinks formula?

This mom can't seem to get to the bottom of her baby's crying when being fed, an expert weighs in.


Try not to laugh: P!nk and Carey Hart’s son has just about the most adorable, infectious chuckle!

P!nk just posted a video of her husband with her little one, saying she wish he’d take some pictures and videos of her and the kids too. And we’d like to challenge all the dads out there to do the same. Send us pictures of your partners – let’s give those hardworking moms some praise!


Willing to try just about anything to get your baby to sleep through the night? Check out this mom's clever sleep hack

It's the conundrum that literally keeps parents up at night. Turns out getting your baby to sleep to morning can be quite easy.


WATCH: This dad hired bodyguards for his toddler!

What if toddlers had bodyguards?


How Serena Williams will continue to serve up top-level tennis as a mother

Former tennis player, Jo Ward, explains how and why Serena Williams will continue to thrive in her career, with the help of baby Alexis.


Best teething advice for our favourite Grand Slam winner

Serena Williams needs your help again, Olympia is teething!

Toddler (1-2)

Mother of tot who’ll never walk or talk says she expresses herself through her eyes

"She'll give you these looks that just speak a thousand words."


Serena Williams, I'll ask my gogo to email you...

Serena asked, our readers responded. The WHO recommends breastfeeding from 6 to 24 months, and our readers thought they'd throw in their advice as well.

Baby food

No need to panic about baby milk in SA

A global baby milk recall due to salmonella contamination doesn't affect South Africa.


Deaths from window blinds at an all time high, study says

Blinds have been the primary source of 17,000 injuries and hundreds of deaths in the past 25 years. Now parents call for a 'cord ban'.


Serena Williams wants to know when to stop breastfeeding

New mom Serena Williams is struggling with a common dilemma: when to stop breastfeeding.


Would you let people kiss your baby on the lips? Malema says no!

“Let’s avoid kissing other people’s kids on the lips please!”


Printable: Daily chart for nannies

Download and print this daily nanny chart.


WATCH: This dad proves that hugs really can fix everything

When his little girl was upset, this dad handled the situation perfectly.


Yes, you can breastfeed with large breasts

Lactation consultant and former La Leche League leader Kim Norton shares some advice.


The spinal galant reflex

A video demonstrating the spinal galant reflex in newborns


Mom with 40KK breasts too scared to breastfeed her son – in case she ‘suffocated’ him

"Throughout my pregnancy, I was adamant that I wanted to breastfeed but the size of my breasts ruined it."
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