Development & Behaviour

Is Dale Steyn as fit as a baby?

One of the world's fastest bowlers, cricketer Dale Steyn, was pitted against a one-and-a-half-year-old to see who could keep going for longest. Guess who won!


Step-by-step method to sleep training

When it comes to sleep training, the options are endless - and confusing! Here we take a look at one method and break it down step-by step to make it easier for you.


9 new mom milestones you will achieve

You know you're a mom when you can say that...

Development & Behaviour

10 odd things babies do

Not sure if your baby's behaviour is weird or wonderful? We identify some of newborns and babies' more peculiar actions, and investigate where exactly they come from.


Don't let visitors kiss your newborn baby

A UK mom is raising awareness about the risks of visitors kissing your newborn baby after her baby girl contracted herpes, which could be fatal in babies.


Making short naps longer

Is your child a cat-napper? Elizabeth Pantley offers parents some potential solutions.


Going from bottle to cup

Introducing a sippy cup is just another step your growing baby is making towards independence. Follow these easy steps to success.

Development & Behaviour

Cute baby pranks her dad

Every time he goes to cut her nails she screams... and then laughs!

Baby (0-1)

The great debate: Should women breastfeed in public?

Will you breastfeed in public? We asked 2 moms to explain why they feel so strongly for, and against, it.
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