Development & Behaviour

Five things I wish I’d known as a new mom

Having been a parent for 16 years, Janine Dunlop has some great advice for new moms.


Washing and sterilising bottles

Keep baby well-fed and healthy on formula with our must-read tips.

Development & Behaviour

25 secrets of babyhood

Here are 25 practical ways to increase baby's confidence, boost her happiness and ensure she achieves her full potential.

Development & Behaviour

Top 10 reasons why multiples are great

Moms of twins and triplets share the secret joys of raising more than one baby at a time.


FAQS on breastfeeding

All your breastfeeding questions answered.


Is it safe to give your baby water?

When is it really safe to give your baby anything but his milk? We asked our experts for answers.

Development & Behaviour

Disciplining a one-year-old

Disciplining a one-year-old is definitely not easy but its still worth a try.


Watch: Baby sleeping while eating

Watch how this baby gives multitasking a whole new meaning.

Development & Behaviour

Is Dale Steyn as fit as a baby?

One of the world's fastest bowlers, cricketer Dale Steyn, was pitted against a one-and-a-half-year-old to see who could keep going for longest. Guess who won!
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