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Is it safe to breastfeed when you have Covid-19?

Can a breastfeeding mother put her baby at risk?


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: How to treat post-partum depression

From medication to taking a holiday, find out how new moms can get help here.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Fathers can get post-partum depression too

Psychologist Gerda Kriel and psychiatrist Anusha Lachman reveal that fathers can also suffer from post-partum depression.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Can post-partum depression affect adoptive parents?

Adoptive mom Charlotte Bieldt shares her story with us.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Risk factors - Can you predict PPD?

Listen as we unpack some of the risk factors expecting parents can look out for.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Why is infant mental health important?

Listen as we discuss the importance of infant mental health.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: What is post-partum depression?

Listen as we discuss the post-partum depression.

Development & Behaviour

Why you should let babies be in charge of how much they eat

Research suggests that babies who feed themselves are less likely to be fussy and more likely to eat a wider variety of food. But what about their weight?


'This woman wrote across my baby's entire torso': US mom shares daycare teacher's infuriating tactic

A simple, 'Hey Heather, your son needs diapers maybe you missed the report' would have done the trick from any of the many teachers I see daily." This US mom went viral after sharing her son's daycare teacher's bizarre communication tactic.


Infant Illnesses: Spotlight on Colic

"My two-month old baby has suddenly started crying every night! I don’t know what to do! What could it be?" See the expert advice this mom got about managing colic.

Development & Behaviour

Is secondhand screen time the new secondhand smoking?

Checking Twitter in front of kids is not the same as blowing smoke in their faces. Smartphones and cigarettes do, however, have some things in common. Both are addictive and both became wildly popular before researchers learned about their addictive properties and health dangers.

Development & Behaviour

I think my child has outgrown a food allergy but how can I be sure?

If you think your child has outgrown their food allergy, it’s important not to test them yourself to see what happens. This is extremely unsafe and they may have a severe allergic reaction.


Happy birthday! Leap Day babies share their stories with us

"This is a milestone as she is younger than her youngest grandchild!"

Development & Behaviour

Local mom shares how chiropractic care changed her daughter's future

Maddy, a mother of two, has reached out to Parent24 to tell her story about how chiropractic care changed her daughters head shape after months of sleepless nights and anxiety.


Three things new mothers must get rid of immediately

Perhaps it's time to de-clutter a little?


When your birthday disappears, when do you celebrate? This, and other amazing Leap Day facts

Those born on 29 February are called Leaplings, Leapers, Leapsters or Leap Day babies.


How to prevent common physical breastfeeding issues

Mothers are always encouraged to breastfeed their babies, this is mostly because of the health benefit that comes with breast milk but it has also been said that it strengths the bond between mother and child.

Development & Behaviour

In pics: Miracle baby born with crushed skull defies doctors odds to survive

"The doctors told us he was at high risk of being stillborn or not surviving after birth – they said he would be blind, won’t walk, will be deaf and have seizures."


‘If my mom didn’t fight for me, I would be dead’: Life with postpartum psychosis

A mom recounts what it was like to hallucinate and feel no connection with her baby.


WATCH: Has baby fever hit the Biebers?

"Since I was young, I always wanted to be married; I always wanted a family... I didn't know that would happen, so I'm really pumped about it."

Development & Behaviour

Loot Love shares the ups and downs of her year as a mom of twins

"I don't think you really ever truly figure it out. I still don't know what I'm doing, and I'm pretty sure most moms feel like that for a very long time." Check out some of the top twin mom advice Loot Love has shared over the past year.


PICS: Local celebs who are expecting babies this year

It seems like 2020 is indeed #20plenty in celebville as several local celebrity couples have announced new additions to their families.


WATCH: The moment a 'medical marvel' premature baby who survived a life threatening disease walks for the first time!

The tot, nicknamed AJ, was born three months early, weighing just 822grams at birth.


PIC: Early motherhood visualised in one - shocking - bar chart

Self care, for example, becomes a luxury, work is an impossibility for the first few weeks or months, and the concept of 'free time' is a distant memory.


No one asked Meghan Markle if she was ok, and no one asked me either

When a baby arrives, nobody really cares about the mother, everyone wants to know how the baby is.
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