Baby (0-2)



WATCH: The moment a 'medical marvel' premature baby who survived a life threatening disease walks for the first time!

The tot, nicknamed AJ, was born three months early, weighing just 822grams at birth.


PIC: Early motherhood visualised in one - shocking - bar chart

Self care, for example, becomes a luxury, work is an impossibility for the first few weeks or months, and the concept of 'free time' is a distant memory.


No one asked Meghan Markle if she was ok, and no one asked me either

When a baby arrives, nobody really cares about the mother, everyone wants to know how the baby is.


Four-year-old helps mum deliver baby brother in living room

A proud mom shared the magical moment her four-year-old daughter helped deliver her baby brother during a home birth.


'Stop dangerous perceptions of perfect parenting': Suicidal mom shares the brutally honest realities of motherhood

Catherine has a history of mental illness; having suffered from severe anorexia and bulimia since she was 12, coupled with depression and anxiety.


Meet the cute NYE twins born minutes apart, in different decades

The twins get to celebrate their birthdays on separate days, but they were also born in separate years - and decades - despite just an hour separating them.


And the cutest baby of 2019 was...

Parent24 has taken a look at some of the cutest babies of the year, and here is our favourite...


The 10 most Googled babies of 2019

From the Royal Baby to Baby Shark and Baby Yoda, here's a look at the most popular infants of 2019.

Development & Behaviour

The Million Word Advantage: Five books a day can increase your child's vocabulary by a million words

Did you know if you read to your child before they start attending preschool they have a big chance of having a "million word" advantage over their peers?

Baby (0-2)

Christmas baby: One present or two? The debate rages on

Do you celebrate your birthday on the biggest holiday of the year? How do you feel about it?


Why it’s okay for kids to believe in Father Christmas

Imagination and play encourage children to think through hypothetical situations and create new worlds — and even to develop new possibilities for our shared world.


WATCH: 10 times children hearing for the first time stole our hearts

And as we close off this decade, we thought Parent24 readers were due for a refresher of our favourite videos showing babies hearing for the first time.


WATCH: My baby got mad because he didn’t get a kiss goodbye!

See how upset little Alex is that his mommy did not say goodbye properly.

Baby (0-2)

FEEL GOOD | 'I could see the colour come back into his little face': Local woman saves premature baby

When a teenage mother unexpectedly went into labour three months prematurely, she had no idea that a chain of events that started months before would make all the difference to the survival of her tiny baby.


WATCH: How to get your baby or infant to sleep

Parenting Expert Dr Karen Phillip shares her tips to get your baby or infant to sleep.


'It takes a village to raise a child': World Prematurity Day celebrated

World Prematurity Day 2019 was celebrated in collaboration with Preemie Connect and Huggies at the Thelle Mogoerane Regional Hospital.


PICS: '4 years, 7 attempts, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots' produce a precious rainbow baby

A rainbow signifies a lot of things to different people, to most it means new beginnings, and this is because the rainbow appears when the sun pushes through the clouds after heavy rainstorms.


Preemie mom shares her story: Dear NICU mommy

Mom Angela wrote this letter to the mothers who spend days, week - even months - in the NICU.


PICS: Local baby weighs almost 6kg at birth

Melissa Shaw Kuter (32) from Bellville, Cape Town, was astounded when she gave birth to a baby weighing nearly 6kg.


Mom of five shares open letter: Dear NICU nurse

Michelle Tito, mom to five precious preemies, sends this beautiful, moving letter to all the dedicated nurses in NICU.


8 out of 100 babies are born too soon in SA: You can help

Sunday the 17th of November is Annual World Prematurity Day. There are 15 million babies born prematurely worldwide every year, and 8 out of 100 of these are born in South Africa.

Toddler (1-2)

'No, I don't wanna… wahhhh!'- A guide to managing toddler tantrums

Tantrum throwing peaks at age two, as children experience the perfect storm of not being able to express themselves verbally while simultaneously developing their sense of independence. But what's normal and what's not?
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