Infant Illnesses: Spotlight on Colic

"My two-month old baby has suddenly started crying every night! I don’t know what to do! What could it be?" See the expert advice this mom got about managing colic.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: How to treat post-partum depression

From medication to taking a holiday, find out how new moms can get help here.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Can post-partum depression affect adoptive parents?

Adoptive mom Charlotte Bieldt shares her story with us.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Fathers can get post-partum depression too

Psychologist Gerda Kriel and psychiatrist Anusha Lachman reveal that fathers can also suffer from post-partum depression.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Risk factors - Can you predict PPD?

Listen as we unpack some of the risk factors expecting parents can look out for.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: What is post-partum depression?

Listen as we discuss the post-partum depression.


PODCAST | PARENT24/7: Why is infant mental health important?

Listen as we discuss the importance of infant mental health.


'This woman wrote across my baby's entire torso': US mom shares daycare teacher's infuriating tactic

A simple, 'Hey Heather, your son needs diapers maybe you missed the report' would have done the trick from any of the many teachers I see daily." This US mom went viral after sharing her son's daycare teacher's bizarre communication tactic.


WATCH: The moment a 'medical marvel' premature baby who survived a life threatening disease walks for the first time!

The tot, nicknamed AJ, was born three months early, weighing just 822grams at birth.

Toddler (1-2)

FEEL GOOD | Good Samaritans bring the world of sound to brave 18-month-old Port Elizabeth boy

Brave 18-month-old Grayson Marais from Port Elizabeth has experienced sound for the very first time.


The vaccination schedules in South Africa: is your child up to date?

South Africa offers an extensive baby immunisation programme, available free at state clinics. Parents are also have the option to choose the private schedule, either in its entirety or to supplement the government programme. Here are both schedules.


The Nanny Series

From finding the right nanny to protecting her and your rights, here's everything you have to know when you're thinking of employing a nanny.


Outdated beliefs are putting parents off cloth nappies: learn the truth here

Not sure about making the switch from disposable to cloth nappies? We bust 5 myths that might be stopping you.


Keeping up with your growing baby: A childproofing guide for parents

Simple things like leaving a hot mug on the coffee table become a potential cause for a trip to the emergency room for your baby. Here a parenting expert provides top tips for childproofing both in and around the home.


'Help! My baby's cough sounds like a dog's bark'

You've heard what different coughs sound like, but this one is too distinctive to treat it like it's any other cough.


WATCH | Babies in parliament: New Zealand vs Kenya

Kicked out in Kenya, applauded in New Zealand: taking a baby to parliament can go either way depending on which country you're in.


What do all these baby poo colours mean?

Find out what all of the different colours of baby poop may mean.


Preventing infant deaths: The ABCs of safe baby sleep

Richard Gunderman from Indiana University advises parents of the ABCs of safe baby sleep: having baby sleep ALONE, on their BACK and in their CRIB.


Human breast milk may help babies tell time

The composition of breast milk changes throughout the day. Researchers believes that breast milk may help program infants' emerging circadian biology, the internal timekeeper that allows babies to distinguish day from night.
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