Our favourite dads on the interwebs
IN PARTNERSHIP WITH JOHNSON'S: Bloggers, vloggers, Twitter dads and celebs, here are the ones you need to follow.


“Where is your husband tonight?”

“Oh, he’s babysitting the kids.”

I hate the idea that when a dad is looking after the kids, he's babysitting. No, he's just being a parent. It’s an outdated notion that dads are the inferior or back-up parent.

And there are so many dads who prove this idea to be untrue over and over again. They’re equal parents and are just as capable of doing their daughter’s hair, packing the lunches and sorting out supper.

Dads play a special role in the household. in our home for instance, when I am busy losing the last shreds of my sanity with a crying, stubborn toddler, Dad swoops in and diffuses the whole situation within seconds. How? I don’t know but our son is giggling and all is okay.

Even bath times are easier with dad and the help of the Johnson's Soft & Shiny range - especially for his unruly curls that he won't let me anywhere near!

We take a look at some of the amazing dads we’ve come across on the internet: from celebs to everyday dads and our favourite online personalities. 

Celeb dads who get their hands dirty

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From Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson taking over feeding times to Chris Pratt teaching his son to fish, Ryan Reynolds dishing out post-birth advice to Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues talking about dad bods, these dads are showing the world that dads are equally as amazing as moms.

Our favourite dad videos

One of our favourite kinds of videos are those very first moments of fatherhood, when a love that you’ve never quite imagined, hits you like a crashing wave – all-encompassing and all at once. These moments are so sweet that you can’t help but shed a tear.

The other thing that dads tend to bring to the home is a very eye-rolling sense of humour. There’s a reason they’re called "dad jokes". From hilarious dubsmash videos, amazing Halloween costumes to funny ways to get your child to sleep. But the very best one has to be the series where men experience a fraction of what it’s like to be pregnant and give birth.

Our favourite dads on the Internet

From websites to dads doing their thing on Twitter and YouTube, here are our favourite online dads.

Websites Fatherly and How To Be A Dad bring the hilarious side of parenting to the internet – parenting from a dad’s perspective.

Terence Mentor aka AfroDaddy is a South African YouTuber based in Cape Town who shares all his wisdom about parenting two toddlers in an hilarious, tongue-in-cheek way.

Another of our favourite dad vloggers is Stefan Michalak who vlogs over at The Michalaks with his wife and 2-year-old son Grayson. Stef is refreshingly honest about toddlers and is really just a child at heart himself.

Twitter’s favourite dad to four daughters has to be Exploding Unicorn (aka James Breakwell). His oversharing of the hilarious conversations he has with his daughters are pure gold:

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