5 apps for new parents
Here are four apps that will help you on this new journey of parenthood.

Being a new mom or dad is nothing if not being thrown into the deep end and told to swim. You can read all the baby books but nothing will prepare you for the "what now?" moment when they place that baby in your arms. 

And if you thought the unsolicited opinions were bad during pregnancy, it's even worse once baby is born.

I love technology, it can be the greatest tool in your mommy belt to help you keep on top of things.

Here are a few apps that I found helpful as a new mom. 

Feed Baby Tracker

Those first few months of having a new baby is hectic. When did he last feed? How much did he feed? Which boob did he drink off last? How long has he been sleeping for? Is it too long? Is it not enough? And, and, and...

A baby tracker is one of those things that helped me keep on track. My phone is never far from my side in any case, so it was easy to start timers and record feedings. Particularly tracking wet nappies is important – this is how you know your breastfed baby is getting enough milk.

What's useful is the little reports that are generated so that you can keep on top of trends.

But the best part of this particular app is that you can share it with your baby's caregiver. So when I'm at work I get a little notification that my baby is feeding or sleeping and also how much and for how long. It really gives me piece of mind when I'm at work.

Download on the Google Play Store and iOS. 

The Wonder Weeks 

The Wonder Weeks is a personalised weekly calendar of your baby’s mental development that will keep you informed about the leaps and bounds and the fussy phases that your baby is experiencing.

So often your baby is suddenly fussy when she's been a complete sweetheart, for seemingly no reason at all. The Wonder Weeks app tells you more about both the mental and developmental leaps that your baby is currently going through.

A handy feature is the Leap Alarm that alerts you that your baby is about to enter a developmental leap. It's easier to deal with a cranky baby when you know why they're being that way. And more so when you know there is a finish line you can look forward to.

Download on the Google Play Store and iOS.

A Soft Murmur 

soft murmur

Setting the scene for baby's bedtime is very important. For both bedtime and nap time, I use a white noise app to drown out the sounds of our apartment complex and the guy who insists on parking outside our bedroom window.

I like this particular app because you can make your own mix of waves, rain, wind and thunder. We use lots of waves with a bit of rain and a touch of thunder. It puts me to sleep most nights, to be honest.

You also have the option to fade the sound out. You don't want your baby's sleep to become dependent on the white noise but to use it as a tool to put your baby in a sleepy mood. An abrupt ending to the sound can wake your baby, but gently and slowly fading to silent leaves your baby fast asleep in Lala Land.

Download on the  Google Play Store and iOS.


When you bring home a new baby, the first thing that falls by the wayside is the house. Dishes pile up and so does the laundry. You barely have time to shower and eat, let alone clean anything. Your husband can only do so much.

So keeping track of what needs to be done by whom is essential. OurHome is something you can particularly put into use if you have older children because of the built-in reward system. But if it's just you adults using it to keep track of the household chores, family calendar errands and groceries, you don't need to use the reward system. Also, how cool that you can keep track of all these things in ONE app, across multiple devices.

As someone who undoubtedly will have developed full-on porridge brain now that your baby has been born, you will need the reminders that will pop up on your phone screen.

Download on the Google Play Store and iOS.



This is a great app for parents who are not comfortable sharing pictures of your kids on Facebook or other social media. But you really want to share this super cute picture with the people who love this baby as much as you do.

Tinybeans is a way for you to privately share pregnancy & baby pics with your family off of social media. Your family receives daily email updates - no smartphone needed. You can invite as many people as you’d like and get unlimited storage. 

Other great features include:

  • Calendar view: view every moment in your baby journal by date
  • Flashback: see how your tiny beans looked on the same date a year ago
  • Photo editing: add text, filters and other cool effects
  • Photo books: order prints, albums, books & more. 
  • Safe and secure: your baby’s story is safely backed up in the cloud
  • Milestone tracker: track your pregnancy and child’s growth and development 

Download on the Google Play Store and iOS.

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