5 nappy rash tricks to try
Don’t spend a fortune on creams until you’ve tried these simple solutions.

When your baby’s bum is red and sore, he is sure to be grumpy, irritable and basically a pain in the bum himself. If you’ve ever been chafed by a wet swimming costume, you know how much it can hurt. But try these tips, and hopefully by tomorrow morning you’ll both be feeling better.

1. Change nappy brands

If you’re using disposables, switch to another brand for a few days. More absorbency can help keep the skin drier, which reduces the irritation. If you use cloth nappies, try using a nappy liner for a week or two, or even – gasp – use a disposable for a few days. Disposable addicts might also want to try a cloth nappy for a couple of days, but make sure you change the nappy whenever it is wet.

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2. Watch your diet – and hers

Some breastfeeding mothers report that after they eat spicy or very acidic food, their babies develop a rash. If you suspect that your passion for Thai takeaways might be the problem, give them a miss for a month and see if it helps. Nappy rash often peaks around the time babies start to eat more solids, so keep track of what she eats and make a note if anything seems to make nappy rash worse.

3. Go commando

No, not you, the baby! Let her kick around on a soft towel on the grass in the shade with no nappy on. A little fresh air helps the skin to dry out, and a breeze feels good on inflamed skin. A few minutes each day will help the skin to heal.

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4. Powder up

Experts will tell you to avoid talc, which is good advice as it can get into the baby’s lungs. But for nappy rash, it’s worth trying the drying power of Fuller’s Earth or cornflour (Maizena). Don’t make a snowstorm, just put a little in your hands and apply directly to his bum. Use alone without other creams, oil or lotion for a few days for best effect.

5. Ditch the wipes

Most modern mothers love wet wipes, but if you’re really unlucky, your baby could develop an allergy to that magic stuff the wipes are soaked in. Try using plain cottonwool and warm water for a couple of days, and if the rash clears up, you might be doomed to live without wipes.

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