As soft and safe as a mom's touch
Why baby powder is not just good for baby's skin, but wellbeing too.


Many moms associate the smell of Johnson’s® Baby Powder with a clean, freshly bathed baby. It’s a scent that reminds us of a time of nurturing care, of special bonding moments with our babies.

But do you know the full range of functional benefits of Johnson’s® Baby Powder?

What are the benefits of using JOHNSON’S Baby Powder?

1. It absorbs excess moisture:  

Excess moisture on a baby’s skin can lead to irritation and abrasion, and this can compromise the skin's natural protective function and make it more permeable to external irritants. Johnson’s® Baby Powder effectively absorbs moisture and perspiration on the surface and in the chubby folds of baby’s skin. It forms a protective shield that helps keep the barrier intact, soft, smooth and healthy. 

2. It reduces friction:

A baby’s soft skin is vulnerable to chafing. Not only do the chubby folds of skin on her thighs and elsewhere rub together, her clothing and blankets can also irritate delicate skin. Johnson’s® Baby Powder is an excellent dry lubricant that helps reduce the friction that can cause chafing and skin irritation. It helps to reduce skin damage from both skin-to-skin and skin-to-cloth friction.

3. It cools and calms hot skin:

When it’s hot outside, babies can get hot, sweaty and feel uncomfortable. Due to their underdeveloped sweat glands, they can develop prickly heat – a skin condition marked by small itchy rashes which can result from prolonged exposure to sweat. JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder is made of the purest, finest talc, known to be the softest mineral on earth. When applied to the skin, the talc particles increase heat loss surface and are proven to lower skin temperature, helping to protect against the causes of prickly heat and keep your baby feeling more comfortable

4. Lasting freshness and emotional comfort:

Your baby learns about her world and her place in it by using each of her developing senses. Touch is crucial for babies, which is why the health of their skin – the largest organ through which they experience all physical contact – is so important.

But so is smell. Smell is the only sense that goes directly to the brain and specifically to the area of the brain that is responsible for our emotions and memory. JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder leaves a feeling of freshness and a pleasant scent on the skin. The pleasant scent and functional benefits of JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder, combined with your loving care, can create lasting memories you and your baby will remember for a lifetime.  

Is JOHNSON’S Baby Powder safe to use? 

With over 100 years of use, few ingredients have the same demonstrated performance, mildness and safety profile as cosmetic talc. The safety of cosmetic talc is based on a long history of safe use and decades of research by independent researchers, scientific review boards and global authorities. The talc used in JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder meets the highest quality, purity and compliance standards.

How to use:

First sprinkle talc onto the palms of your hand, away from baby’s face, then apply it to her skin. 

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