"Let’s look for the gecko"
And other ways to get baby to wash her hair.

A couple of months ago Parent24 partnered with Johnson's Baby and asked South African parents about their bath time habits.

Results: How South Africans bath their babies

We asked if you had any advice about bathing their babies or toddlers and here's what you said:

  • My little girl learnt what a gecko was a few months ago, so when she is fussing to wash her hair I tell her "Let’s look at the gecko". It gives me enough time to do a quick wash and rinse of her hair. I also find bath time a great time to feed my baby as not only is she calm in the bath but she is limited to a smaller area to move around in and I can quickly wash away any spills and messes quite easily.
  • My baby was born in June so she did not like taking a bath in the winter. I made sure the room was a snug temperature and had soothing music playing and made sure she was entertained to occupy her.
  • I sing to my baby, and count, now he tries to count and sing as well.
  • I have to put his gum boots next to him every time I bath him and play music loud so that he dances while I dry him.
  • My son and I don’t see each other the whole day as he is in crèche and I am at work. He enjoys the bath time together and I really cherish the time we spend as there are so many things that need to be done for the next day. This is seen as part of our quality time.
  • After you bath your baby put some baby oil on (while skin is still wet), the tap with a towel then there is no need to rub in with cream - this works awesome for the winter.
  • If your baby has sensitive skin use aqueous cream to bath the baby and put two rooibos teabags in the water it will sooth her skin and keep her skin soft.
  • Make sure there are a lot of towels on the floor next to the bath and prepare for bath time to be more than 30 minutes. Good luck getting your baby out of the bath.
  • Go with the flow, everyone has an opinion on what you need to do. Every baby is different and you have to adapt and find what works for you.
  • Well my little one bathed in the big bath since 1.5 months, he’s now 9 months old. He loves water and without a bath he feels grumpy sometimes. When he is miserable I just put him in the big Zinc basin, it’s his swimming pool!
  • To all the new moms, please ensure that you wash in all the folds. A new born baby's skin is very sensitive and can easily become red and irritated when not washed or dried properly. 
  • We allow our baby to play in the bath to get rid of the last bit of energy. When he has played enough we take him out and massage his little body with lavender infused cream with the lights dimmed. This way he is sure to be all played out, relaxed and ready for dreamland. Bath time is family time as mommy and daddy are next to the bath singing, playing and splashing along with baby.

Do you have any advice that you would like to add to this list? Drop us an email at chatback@parent24.com and we will add your tips.

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