I don't need an office job – I’m a mom!
Now that you’re a parent, you may not want to leave your baby to go back to your office job. Don’t stress, you have options.
Many moms after spending a few months with their newborn baby, can't wait to get back to work. They love their child more than life itself, but returning to their normal routine at the office is something they look forward to. 

Other moms (or dads) are the complete opposite. After being with their baby day in and day out they can't imagine ever being apart from them. The very thought of going back to work fills them with dread, and in many real cases, full blown depression. 

If you are one of those moms who still needs to earn an income, but just can't face going back to the office for 9 hours a day while leaving your newborn in the arms of someone else, then it might be a good idea to consider working from home. You won't be able to be with your baby all the time, but you will have the security of knowing he is in the room right next door. 

You don't need to fill envelopes or do data entry either. There are a number of options available if you are willing to put in the time and effort:

Do your current job from home

If you have a desk-bound job (accounting, editing, IT, etc.) you may be able to convince your employer to adjust your hours at the office. Many moms make the arrangement to work mornings at the office and then take work home for the afternoon. Others are really lucky and can do all their work from home with only occasional trips out for meetings. There are usually strict guidelines and you will need to ensure that you get the same amount of work done, but often this works well for both parties. They don't lose a valuable employee and you maintain your salary and job you love. 

Find part-time work

If your boss isn't interested in changing your hours, you can always look for an alternative part-time position. This will mean a pay-cut if you are used to working full-time, but the rewards may be worth the sacrifice. There are a number of part-time opportunities, including secretarial work, retail and teaching. It all depends on your unique experience and qualifications.

Use your talents and provide a service

There is nothing stopping you from starting your own business. Think about what you're really good at and what your previous job has prepared you for. Can you do consultations? Are you a good writer? Maybe you're brilliant at baking cakes or making crafts? The list is endless.

Buy a home-based franchise

If you have some capital you can purchase a home-based franchise. This can often be right in your line of interest too. Karen, a primary school teacher by profession, desperately wanted to stay at home with her newborn but still needed to earn a good income. She took out a loan and bought a reading centre franchise, which she set up in her converted garage. She was teaching children to read, which she loved, and was earning her own money at the same time.  Within a year she had paid back her loan and was making more money than she did as a teacher. The best part? Between classes she could slip out and give her baby a big kiss.

Don't ditch the internet

There are a number of scary stories out there about people who have tried to start an online business and failed miserably. The truth is that if you know what you are doing, you can actually make money using this powerful medium. You can do anything from selling stuff online, to writing e-books to having a monetized blog. In fact, no matter what your home-based business is, you will want to have a website up and running.

Things to be aware of:
  • There is no quick way to make money. If there is a work-from-home scheme that promises you an unbelievable income, don't believe it.
  • You will still need to employ a baby-sitter or nanny because you won't be able to be with your baby all the time, even though you are at home. You need to consider this expense when you plan.
  • You won't, in all likelihood, be able to make a steady and large income in your first few months of working for yourself. You will need to have some savings or capital set aside for this to work with minimal stress.
  • There are legalities and technicalities you need to think about when working from home. To find out more, click here.
  • For a full list of who to contact to get you started, click here.
Share your stories of becoming a work-at-home parent with us below.

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