Diane Kruger uses eco nappies for environmental reasons, and 31% of South Africa's cloth parents do too
When you think cloth nappies, glamour is maybe the last thing that comes to mind. But Hollywood actress Diane Kruger shows that using eco nappies can be as elegant as it gets. Thousands of South African parents share her sentiments, for a number of reasons.
Diane Kruger attends the Prada Resort 2020 fashion show at Prada Headquarters on May 02, 2019 in New York City. (Getty Images)

For all their glitz, glamour and envy-inducing ability to drop weight post-baby, celebrity moms are people too.

And when they tell us that they'll be using eco nappies instead of regular, non-biodegradable, disposable ones, the message is received loud and clear. 

Diane Kruger is the latest actress to join a long list of celeb moms (including Christina Aguilera, Amy Adams, and Jessica Alba) who have committed to using nappies of the eco-friendly variety. 

The actress is known for her affinity for all things green, dropping several million on an eco-friendly home back in 2017.  

And since becoming a mother to a baby girl in November 2018 (she's chosen to keep her baby's name and image private), Diane hasn't changed her environmentally conscious approach. 

"It's not always easy," she explained in an interview with HELLO! magazine referring to her ecological lifestyle, sharing that she tries "to use bamboo diapers" on her 6-month-old. 

"You do your best," she said, admitting that it's definitely not been easy, and she's no "Miss Perfect."  

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SA's cloth parents are motivated 

Thousands of local mom's are nodding in agreement right now. The cloth nappy community is strong in South Africa, with almost 6000 cloth moms sharing their journey on the South African Cloth Nappy Users Facebook page.

Why, you ask? The list is long.  

In their mission to #makeclothmainstream, SACNU conducted a survey of more than 400 South African parents, revealing that 31% of cloth parents believe they're making a difference to the environment. The fact is that just one disposable can take up to 500 years to decompose.

Aside from this very relevant point, 47% of respondents said they use washable nappies to save money.

Enough washable nappies to take your child from newborn to potty-learned costs a fraction of the same in disposable nappies, and they can be used for the next kid too. There is even a thriving market for pre-loved cloth nappies. 

Other reasons include baby's allergies to the chemicals found in big brand disposable nappies, which can lead to extreme reactions and rashes.  

Spend any time with a cloth parent and you will hear how cute the nappies are, how fun it is to co-ordinate outfits and even to create daily themes and photo-shoots around the nappy of the moment. 

Here are some of SACNU's most interesting findings: 

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