Don’t undervalue the sense of smell
Your baby's sense of smell plays an important part of his development.


The JOHNSON’S® Global Bath Time Report found 35% of parents surveyed in SA don’t see fragranced products as being an important part of bath time. But this goes against research, which shows that smell has a powerful and profound impact on brain development, as it is the sense that goes directly to the brain and specifically to the area of the brain that is responsible for our emotions and memory. As a result, smell activates these regions more quickly and triggers more emotionally vibrant memories than other senses.

Within the first few weeks of life, baby’s brain starts to make learned associations between scent and the emotional context in which they experience smell. [i],[ii]   The pleasant smell of JOHNSON’S® Baby bath products combined with your loving care during this daily routine, can enhance your baby’s memory create lasting memories children will remember for a lifetime. 

What’s more, recent studies show that babies bathed with a fragranced bath product (compared to those who were not) displayed more engagement cues with their parents after bath, spent less time crying before sleep and fell asleep more easily".  

[i]Chu, Simon, and John Joseph Downes. "Long Live Proust: The Odour-Cued Autobiographical Memory Bump." Cognition75.2 (2000): B41-B50.

Willander, Johan, and Maria Larsson. "Smell Your Way Back to Childhood: Autobiographical Odor Memory." Psychonomic Bulletin & R13.2 (2006): 240-244.



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