Fun and educational bath toys
Bath time can be a great time for your kids to master different concepts.

Bath time can be a nightmare for some kids and parents. But getting some fun toys can not only make the whole experience a little more entertaining but it can also help their development in a lot of areas. Children learn through play and here are six toys that can improve your kid’s skills during bath time:

1. Stacking cups

Stacking and nesting cups are great for teaching your child the concept of pouring and sizes. They learn that the smaller ones can hold less than the bigger ones and that the big cups can in no way fit into the smaller ones no matter how much they push it.

2. Bath crayons

Bath crayons are lots of fun and the best part is that they wash off really easily. This promotes your child’s creativity.

3. Foam numbers and letters

Giant foam numbers and letters encourage your child to recognise their numbers and letters but it also encourages them to learn their colours.

4. Fountain and Mill toy

Aside from being enormously fun watermill toys teach your child about cause and effect. There are often so many bells and whistles that are included that they can really learn that if they do one thing something amazing will happen in response.

5. Squeaky toys

Another great way to encourage the concept of cause and effect are squeaky toys. Yes, that yellow rubber duckie is actually teaching your baby a very valuable lesson that if she squeezes the toy she’ll be rewarded with a funny sound. Yes, it can be annoying but the joy that your baby experiences is priceless.

6. Capsule toys

Capsule toys are little plastic capsules that dissolve in the bath water to reveal a foam surprise. Is it a shark? Is it a cow? Is it a car? What will it be? While these toys are seemingly pointless, they are great for increasing your child’s vocabulary, teaching them colours and above all teaching them patience as they wait to see what the reveal is.

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