Readers react to parents who left sleeping baby in a hotel room
Parent24 readers have their say about whether or not they would leave their babies in a hotel room unsupervised.

A mother who published an article about leaving her baby to sleep alone in their hotel room while she and her husband had supper at the restaurant downstairs has drawn the ire of the online parenting community.

When we asked our readers if they would ever do the same, there were one or two who said they would do the same... but by far the majority answer was a resounding No!

Take a look at what they had to say:

As a mother to an only child I will never leave my child alone, there are a number if things that could happen to him when not attended, there are a lot of things that a baby monitor could not pick up especially if you're in a noisy environment, so it's a big no no, reckless and dangerous.

- Miss Lougin

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