Ridiculously unnecessary gadgets for new parents
An espresso machine for baby? A cry translator? They're cool and ultra-convenient, but are they necessary?

Parenthood is definitely no walk in the park, and for newbie parents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the long list of ‘essentials’ you are told you must have to properly prepare for baby. 

And with so many gadgets claiming to make parenting a breeze, where do you draw the line between the required and the unnecessary — some things just take two hands and common sense? 

Here’s a look at a few gadgets that just seem ridiculously unnecessary. 

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro One Step Bottle Maker

Basically, this is an espresso machine for your baby,  and takes seconds to prepare a perfectly heated bottle.

No question that it's super convenient, and probably the best gift ever.

But a must have? 

The Baby Shusher

The days of getting a full night's sleep can become a treasured memory once baby arrives.

So it's easy to see the appeal of a device that promises to have your little one asleep in a matter of seconds. 

But if you can make the 'shush' sound, do you really need a machine to do it for you? 

The Infant Cries Translator

The sound of your baby crying can be unnerving when you're new to parenting - especially when you're not exactly sure why.

Yes, the app is said to be able to identify four reasons for crying, but what if your newborn just wants to be held? Also, as a mother you will eventually learn to know exactly why your baby is crying. 

The Kickbee

By now, we're pretty much unimpressed by the sight of a toddler with a tablet or smart phone, but tweeting from the womb? Talk about getting an early start. What's next?  

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What's your take on high tech gadgets for new parents? Send your comments to us on chatback@parent24.com and we may publish them. 

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