Want baby to stop crying? Try this.
A paediatrician shares his secret.

Dr Robert Hamilton has a quick and easy way to calm your crying baby within seconds.  

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Your baby is fully dependent on you and when he/she cries it can be for many reasons; hunger, discomfort or pain, to name a few. 

But when your baby's crying becomes unmanageable you probably feel helpless and exhausted. 

There are many different tricks and theories behind soothing a crying baby and Dr Hamilton's technique, "the Hold",  is easy enough for you to do too.  

Video via Youtube

His 4 steps are:

1. Fold the baby's arms across his body.

2. Secure the arms gently, supporting baby's head (don't squeeze tightly!).

3. Grasp the nappy area.

4. Rock baby at a 45-degree angle leaning forwards, so baby's head won't jerk backwards.

Gentle is the word here.  

Do watch to the end to ensure you get the technique perfectly.

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