What moms have to say about the Baby Throne
SPONSORED: When making big purchases it's always good to hear what moms who are actually using it have to say.

Whenever I need to make any big purchases for my kids, I always read the reviews of a product first. Where better to get the low-down on a product than from moms who are using the product already and weren't paid to say nice things about it?

First read what The Baby Throne is all about here:

Facebook feedback

Scrolling through Baby Throne's Facebook Page, you'll see nothing but praise for this fantastic product. Have a look at how the Baby Throne is working out for South Africa's moms:

Mom bloggers and experts had their say too:

Some of SA's blogging moms got to try it out. Here's a selection of reviews:

"The Baby Throne is an incredibly durable product with a functional design. It is easy to clean, all enough to not take up to much space and Knox loves sitting in it as it is so comfy! It is also very light so easy to move from room to room.

"This is not a magical solution for potty training, but it does make it a hell of a lot easier – there are also so many advantages to using the Baby Throne that the price tag is definitely worth it. This product will most likely last you through all of your kids, it is pretty indestructible."

- Mariza Halliday, blogger at Caffeine and Fairydust

"The squatting position definitely helps get the poo out and she enjoys sitting on it. I have gotten into the habit of feeding Violet her snack while she is sitting on the Baby Throne. I noticed that she tends to poo and pee around the time that she eats, so we take the nappy off and sit her on the throne and I feed her a quick snack while she sits, we do 10 minutes of sitting and then get off, except if I see she has a 'I am gonna poo' look on her face then we sit a bit longer.

"So 10 minutes, twice a day is all it takes to get get into the feeling of it. The Baby Throne is definitely a handy thing to have around, other than the benefits mentioned above, it is also a high-quality potty.

"When Zoe was little I searched high and low for a useful potty to start training her and most of the ones I found were terrible, uncomfortable cheap plastic that could only be used in one position.

"The Baby Throne is versatile, comfortable soft rubber and compact enough to store. I love that the top seat that can be used on any toilet is soft rubber and nice and compact, you can take it with when traveling. "

Melissa de la Croix, blogger at Pretty Messy Melon

"I am a top paediatric surgeon; I do not want to be doing evacuations on babies suffering from constipation – that is a temporary solution to a symptom. The Baby Throne not only helps constipation but also trains the parent to allow baby to have a moment for nature to take its course. The Baby Throne is much safer and healthier for babies than medication and surgical procedures."

– Prof Robin Alexander Brown, paediatric gastroenterology, Life Vincent Pallotti Hospital, Cape Town

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