Pregnancy and breastfeeding during the month of Ramadan

If you've ever wondered whether fasting during the month of Ramadan is permitted while you're pregnant or breastfeeding, this article compiled by Laura UmmSalah Pistorius explains it all, complete with verses from the Quran and the ruling on paying in those missed days.


How to store expressed breastmilk

Not sure about what the proper method is to storing expressed breastmilk? Well, here you go.


Breastfeeding myths busted

Planning to breastfeed? Here are our top tips, facts (and myth busters) to help make your experience happy and trouble-free.


Where to begin when breastfeeding multiples

If you’re expecting multiples, the idea of successfully breastfeeding your twins or triplets probably seems a little overwhelming. But it’s possible – with the right strategy and plenty of support.


Donate breastmilk and save lives!

By donating your breastmilk, you can help save the lives of premature infants and ensure that other moms can also give their babies the best possible start to life, writes Riëtte Grobler


WATCH: When introducing weaning to your baby gets you laser beam stares

Her mother tried an interesting weaning method and the look on her child's face is just priceless. We searched for what other moms had to say about changing feeding methods.


Serena Williams, I'll ask my gogo to email you...

Serena asked, our readers responded. The WHO recommends breastfeeding from 6 to 24 months, and our readers thought they'd throw in their advice as well.


Serena Williams wants to know when to stop breastfeeding

New mom Serena Williams is struggling with a common dilemma: when to stop breastfeeding.


Yes, you can breastfeed with large breasts

Lactation consultant and former La Leche League leader Kim Norton shares some advice.


Mom with 40KK breasts too scared to breastfeed her son – in case she ‘suffocated’ him

"Throughout my pregnancy, I was adamant that I wanted to breastfeed but the size of my breasts ruined it."


Is breastfeeding older children wrong?

It may be uncommon in the Western world but that doesn't make it wrong, does it? Adding a new dimension to the never-ending breastfeeding battle.


Breast milk's carbs can protect against bacteria-based illnesses

Breast milk contains a natural form of antibiotics that can help fight of bacterial illnesses, a new study claims.


Mom shares powerful post on the pains of breastfeeding

“This photo depicts my reality of this breastfeeding journey so far."


Say goodbye to frumpy feeding bras

Maternity and feeding bras don't have to be fugly, Here's a round-up of our favourite nursing bras that are functional and pretty.


Surprising uses for breast milk

Have you used breast milk to clear your baby's blocked nose? Then you may be interested to learn of other, less obvious ways moms use their milk!


What moms are saying about breastfeeding on Twitter

Twitter moms share the highs, lows and hilarious parts of breastfeeding.


Let's talk about why breastfeeding is still taboo in some communities?

Even though South Africa has made great strides when it comes to breastfeeding, it's still not accepted in most public places. We need to understand why.


Breastfeeding in public is a human right

As Human Rights Day approaches we look at why people still think that breastfeeding in toilets is acceptable.


The battle to breastfeed

Breastfeeding doesn't come as naturally as one would have thought. This is one mom's story about her breastfeeding journey.


Readers respond: Mom catches daycare worker feeding her baby

A number of readers shared what they thought of the daycare worker feeding another woman's baby without her permission.


Mom caught daycare worker breastfeeding her baby

A North Carolina, US, mother says surveillance video at the daycare where she works caught another worker breastfeeding her 3-month-old son without permission.


Can I breastfeed after breast surgery?

Whether you’ve had them enhanced or reduced, any type of breast surgery can have implications on whether or not you can breastfeed.


Your breastmilk is crawling with bacteria! And that's a good thing

A study by the University of Cape Town has found live bacteria, viruses and fungi in breastfmilk, explaining why breastmilk helps to build a strong immunity in babies.
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