Dual-purpose breasts
It’s not only women who have trouble integrating the two functions of human breasts, admits this dad.

Ever thought of breastfeeding as creepy?

Parenting journalist Kathryn Blundell stirred up a controversy with her candid views in a magazine article on her choice of formula feeding.

According to an article in the Telegraph: ‘Describing her own feelings about using her breasts for feeding, the author wrote: "They're part of my sexuality, too – not just breasts, but fun bags. And when you have that attitude (and I admit I made no attempt to change it), seeing your teeny, tiny, innocent baby latching on where only a lover has been before feels, well, a little creepy.”

‘She added: “I also wanted to give my boobs at least a chance to stay on my chest rather than dangling around my stomach."’

I’ve written about the issue of men’s boob envy before, and as you know, we men remain fascinated and enthralled by all things related to the boob, hence my compulsion to add my five cents to the debate.

Seriously, I don’t get it, why they are such a turn-on? It remains a mystery to us, what exactly attracts us to the female breast. It plays a critical role in the mating game, and as such it needs to be maintained in pristine attraction order!

I speak for all men when I say we are 100% behind the breast remaining firm and perky, and as high up on the chest as possible, for as long as possible!

However, when it comes to ensuring that my offspring has the best possible chance at a healthy life, by all means whip out those beauties and let baba have its fill. I think the debate on formula versus the boob has long been won by the boob for its natural goodness.

Obviously if there’s some other reason why you can’t breastfeed, that’s understandable. And yes, I know I have no vote on the issue, being a guy.
So I get the breast-feeding thing, but I must confess a very distinct sense of creepiness invading my senses when I first saw my kids suckling... and it did take a bit of a mindshift to get back in the saddle on that score.

Should we preserve the perky peaks at all costs? Ladies, was it easy to let your man resume his attentions to your breasts after breastfeeding? Did it require a bit of a mind-shift on your part as well? I’m just dying to know.

Do you have trouble processing the double duty of the breast? Tell Marlon below!

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