5 fast tantrum tamers
Toddlers are notorious tantrum throwers. Here's how to tame them and make sure is doesn't happen again.

Toddler tantrums are all part of asserting their newfound independence , but it's enough to drive you crazy. Short of throwing yourself on the floor and joining her kicks and screams, we have a few ideas to stop the tears in their tracks. 

1. Turn a blind eye

The fact is that during a tantrum your toddler's emotions are ruling her brain, so reasoning with her will not help at all. It'll just make thing worse. Rather ignore it completely, wait until she's calmed down and then address the issue calmly.

2. Create a diversion

Sometimes all a tantrumming tot needs is to have her attention pulled towards something new. Keep a few exciting goodies in your bag for moments like this, or if your tot's major meltdown is happening in the cereal aisle say something like, "Hey, I think we need some cooldrink, come with me to choose which kind!"

3. Give her a bit of love

Because of their intrinsic emotional roots, a bit of loving can go a long way in stopping tears. A firm hug just helps make your toddler feel secure in this big scary world, which is probably part of what got the tantrum started in the first place.

4. Offer food or some quiet time

Hunger and overtiredness are two leading causes of tantrums. Because your tot isn't feeling too perky physically, her emotions aren't far from falling off the edge too. If you find tantrums happen at around the same time every day, feed her, give her some water and let her chill out a bit.

5. Laugh it off

Getting angry or visibly frustrated during a tantrum will only be giving your toddler the attention she wants, so rather do something she won't expect to surprise the tantrum away. Start giggling loudly or tickle your tot - the laughs won't be far behind!

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