5 things I’d rather celebrate than my son’s first birthday
There are some things worth celebrating more than birthdays.

My son turns 9 months old today. He has officially been outside longer than he’s been inside (he was born at 38w3d via c-section). So that means it’s 3 months till his first birthday. I can’t believe it’s coming up so soon and everyone will be expecting a party. But we’re not going to have one. Not a big blow-out party, not even just a small party. No party at all. Now before everyone has a small hernia about this, hear me out: We don’t see the point in having a party for a child that is 1) not going to remember it and 2) not going to really understand and appreciate it.

We’re not against birthday parties but we want him to actually enjoy his parties and remember them. But that’s not to say we’re just going to ignore the day completely. We have some ideas for commemorating and acknowledging this special day. And his grandparents will probably make an appearance.

But there are other things that I feel like I want to throw parties for (if I had all the money in the world):

1. The day he stops vomiting

Our son has always been a baby who vomits. He was diagnosed with acid reflux at 6 weeks old and we’ve been covered in vomit ever since. Our laundry was constantly full of towels that had to be put on carpets and that had wiped up vomit. The washing machine was constantly on the go with the amount of clothes that he went through. But this is something we can almost tick off the list. He only brings up a few times a day now and not at the volume that it once was. We no longer have to cover him in towels when we put him in the car seat and neither do I have to put a gown over my work clothes when handling him before I leave for work. 6 out of 7 days he doesn't even need an outfit change! That’s progress!

2. The day he can blow his own nose

Nasal aspirators are the worst, you guys!! The. Worst. Babies hate them. I hate them. I don’t think they even help that much and I get punched in the face every time. No love for the aspirator, I can’t wait for you to blow your nose kid!

3. Sleeps through the night

The day I get a full nights sleep without having to get up 5 times a night to put a dummy back in or shushing him back to sleep is the day I will throw the BIGGEST party! Because I will be so well rested. What does 8 hours of solid sleep feel like? It’s been so long!!

We had a problem with him being in our bed every night and while co-sleeping worked out when he wasn’t feeling well, the adults didn’t sleep very well. For the last 3 nights he’s spent most of the night in his cot only coming to bed just an hour or so before his actual wake up time.

4. No more nappies!

The day I don’t have to change another poo nappy is the day I rain confetti down on the world! THE WHOLE WORLD! Newborn poo, breastmilk poo, solid food poo; no poo is fun to change! I don’t care what anyone says, gross. I mean, don’t  get me wrong, I no longer gag when I change his nappy and I’ve developed a stronger stomach (I would vacate the room at light speed when my cousins changed their babies nappies) but I would still like for it not to be a thing in my life.

5. First steps and first words

The first one is getting close. He’s still trying to stand on his own, he’s managed a second or 2. But after that the steps shouldn't be far behind. And I honestly can’t wait to hear the words “Love you mommy!” My heart will probably burst!

What are your baby's milestones that you're looking forward to?

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