Baby hears mom’s voice for the first time
In a heartwarming moment an adorable baby hear her mother’s voice for the first time.
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In a heartwarming moment an adorable baby hear her mother’s voice for the first time – after having suffered from severe hearing loss for the first three months of her life.  

Little Lexi Daniella, from Virginia in the US – or Dani as she’s known – hasn’t been able to hear since her birth in June.

Doctors thought the loss was the result of fluid that had built up in her ear during mom Francisca Umana’s Caesarian section.

But a few weeks later, after Dani’s hearing failed to improve, her parents grew more worried about their daughter.

"After a few weeks we grew more concerned, and tests eventually showed she’d suffered severe hearing loss, the cause of which is still unknown,” says her mom.

Francisca recalls her little baby trying to talk back when she saw her mouth moving, and says it was heartbreaking knowing Dani couldn’t hear the sound of her voice. Francisca and her husband started teaching Dani a few signs to communicate with.

But things changed after Dani had her hearing aids fitted.

At first she was confused as her temporary aids made a squeaking sound when placed over her tiny ears. She took a while to adjust to her newfound hearing capabilities, but it wasn’t too long before the tiny tot started smiling from ear to ear after hearing her mother call her a “pretty girl”.

"I was more excited than nervous when the hearing aids arrived,” says Francisca. "It was such an incredible moment to see her smiling and responding to my voice.”

Now that her hearing aid has been adjusted, Dani simply can’t get enough of her mother, and is totally transfixed by her voice.

Lexi will soon be fitted with cochlear implants in order to hear speech at a normal level – but her parents will continue giving her sign-language lessons.

Sources: Magazine Features

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