Bouncy babies are happy babies
What every parent needs: somewhere comfy and safe for baby to sit while you brush your teeth!


Having a bouncer might seem like a luxury item and while your baby will very well survive without one, it no doubt makes parents’ lives tonnes easier. You do sometimes need to shower and eat and a bouncer is a great, safe way to keep your little one entertained while you attend to a chore. 

Bouncers also help with baby’s development. For starters, they teach cause and effect: encouraging baby to move in order to be rewarded with the bouncing motion.

When walking into a baby store you will be bombarded with an array of baby bouncers. The thing that makes the Tiny Love Gymini bouncer stand out is that the arches are at the sides of your baby’s face instead of across her face. 

This helps prevent overstimulation, which any parent will tell you is a nightmare. The arches can also be pulled across baby for playtime, but should baby become overwhelmed, it can be pushed back again. 

Another advantage of the arches being on the side is that it encourages your baby to exercise her eye muscles.

The bouncer that grows with baby

The bouncer can be used in different ways for the different developmental stages of your baby’s life.

  • From 0 to 2 months your baby's eyesight is limited. Keep the toys close to baby and set the seat to the most reclined position with closed arches to create a comfortable and cozy environment. 
  • At 3 to 6 months baby can now enjoy the bouncer in full. Encourage her to explore the toys, and play with the self-activated musical crab toy or cute turtle rattle.
  • When just beginning to introduce solids between 4 and 6 months and before baby is sitting up without support, the bouncer is an especially convenient and relaxing place to feed baby or to interact and practice some baby talk.

Perfect for rest or play

You can moderate the Gymini Bouncer Under the Sea’s level of stimulation by adjusting the position of the arches and activating or deactivating the various features. 

- When baby becomes wriggly

If baby seems uncomfortable or restless, reduce the level of stimulation by pulling the arches away and deactivating the vibrations. Stroke and soothe your baby while slowly trying to reintroduce the product’s various elements. ??Some babies love vibrations while others don’t. When you first use this feature, monitor baby’s reaction. 

- When baby is bored

If your baby seems uninterested or bored, increase the level of stimulation while monitoring baby’s reaction. For example, hang the music & lights crab within baby’s field of vision, turn the vibrations on or gently bounce the bouncer.

For more information on the Gymini bouncer, click here.

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