Fun ways to get your child to play with others
Teach your little ones how to socialise with others.

It's one of the first lessons we teach our toddlers: "share!", "be nice!". Here are some great ways to help your child become social while playing.


  • Put on your child’s favourite music or expose them to various music.  
  • Encourage them and their playdate to dance.  
  • If you have a big mirror, let them dance in front of the mirror; they will enjoy watching themselves.

Playing with toys 

  • Encourage your child and playdate to play with dolls or teddies and to pretend actions.
  • For example, feeding their teddy lunch0. or putting them to sleep.  
  • Encourage this by giving them a bowl and spoon or a blanket.  
  • Give each child their own teddy or a doll and toys to play with.  

Social gatherings

  • Make sure to expose your child to many social events – children’s parties, family gatherings, playing in the park, etc.  

Blowing bubbles

  • Take the kids outside and blow bubbles. Encourage them to try and catch the bubbles. Get very excited each time new bubbles appear!

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