Mom of one black and one white twin being bullied
Amy Keller is the white mother of remarkable twins. One looks black and the other white.
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Amy Keller is the white mother of remarkable twins. One looks black and the other white.

According to BET the 36-year-old Texan mother’s son, Holden, inherited her light complexion and blonde hair while his brother, Hayden, takes after his African-American father with darker skin and dark brown hair.

Amy has revealed that strangers struggle to accept her sons have the same dad. The father of the 15-month-old twins is no longer in the picture and, according to The Daily Mail, this has left the single mom facing abuse from people who question whether the boys are really brothers.

“In public people sometimes stop us and completely avoid the fact that they look so different. Others are amazed by it,” Amy told the publication.

“Some people ask me really rude questions like, ‘Are you sure they have the same dad?’ and I've had some abuse in Facebook mum groups. I once posted a photo in one of them of the boys with the caption ‘Their features are starting to look identical’ and people started commenting with ‘How can you say they're identical?’ or ‘Are they even twins?’” she continued.

Amy remains concerned that people’s intolerance will affect the two as they get older. “I worry about people grilling them with questions like ‘Is he really your twin?’” she said.

But according to the Daily Record, when the two were born doctors thought they looked identical. "When they were born they were so little that I didn't really notice Hayden's skin was darker until about three days later. When I realised I thought it was funny because all along my doctors were convinced they were identical.”

Amy knows that one day she’ll have to explain to the twins why they look different. “But I just hope to build the foundations of love and acceptance, which will hopefully help [Hayden] through any issues he has,” Amy said.

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