Why does my baby cry when she drinks formula?
This mom can't seem to get to the bottom of her baby's crying when being fed, an expert weighs in.

A reader asked: 

"My baby is 10 weeks old. She is on Similac Advance HA and sometimes when she drinks she starts crying as soon as she starts sucking, although she has no problem sucking her dummy."

"I can tell her tummy is sore. She also is drinking about only 80 to 120 ml. She weighs 5.2 kg. She was on Nan HA before this formula. Her poo is a very dark green colour and not formed but very soft. Is this normal?"

Our expert, Dr Welma Lubbe, responds:

Unfortunately one of the common problems with formula feedings is cramps and constipation and this just happens because the baby’s gut is not mature enough to absorb the differed form of milk.  

She should be drinking about 98mls every three hours on her weight.  Her weight seems fine for her age.  The color of the poo is “normal” considering that she is formula fed and soft is fine as long as it does not become like water and smells very offensive. 

Please do not change to a different milk on your own, since it will only make the situation worse.  Your baby need to adapt to the milk and that can take a while.  I would suggest that you visit a dietician who specializes in infant feeding for some proper assessment and advice.  

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