BABY HOW TO: Our handy guide to babies!
New parent? Here's our list of the important bits you want to know.

How to sooth and calm a crying baby

10 crying soothers that work

How to approach crying babies – podcast 

How to deal with baby's colic – podcast

Tips and techniques to calm your baby

How to swaddle your baby – also see the swaddling diagram

Is it colic?


How to change baby's nappy at a restaurant

How to identify a nappy rash

Cloth nappies 101

How to get organised

What to pack in your baby's changing bag

How to choose the right baby carrier

PRINT IT: Twins: Day-by-day schedule

Routine, flexible routine or no routine?

Baby and toddler care

How to care for your newborn

8 questions about your new baby answered

How to bath your baby

How to get your toddler to brush their teeth properly

How to make washing baby's hair easier

How to massage baby

All about stump care and your baby's belly button

How to ensure baby isn't too warm or too cold

How to deal with teething

PRINT IT: Teething chart

How to use a growth chart

PRINT IT: Mood chart

How to take care of your baby boy's circumcised penis

How to cope with baby's separation anxiety

The Nanny Series: From finding the right nanny to protecting her and your rights, here's everything you have to know when you're thinking of employing a nanny.

More tips to finding the perfect nanny


How to give baby medicine

How to identify baby's rash

Does my baby have skin allergies?

How can I tell if my baby is dehydrated?

How to deal with baby's reflux

Quick overview of spots, rashes and fevers

Mom and dad

How baby changes your relationship

How to have these important conversations after baby

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