8 simple ways moms can turn baby products into beauty products
Bum cream for acne? Nipple cream for dry lips? Forget those overly priced beauty products that may or may not work. Here's a list of baby products to add to your daily routine.

It's hard work being a mom - and keeping a beauty regimen in tow is no simple task. 

And along with priceless advice on keeping their wits about them while tending to the children, moms have also begun to share their secrets for incorporating baby products into their beauty routines. 

With their default sensitivity due to much fewer chemicals, and made-for-delicate skin ingredients, baby products couldn't be more ideal. Plus, there's the added benefit of saving cash on all those high priced items. 

Just make sure to get enough products for you and baby!

Baby powder 

In addition to keeping baby fresh, baby powder can also be used as a dry shampoo, and for boosting eyelash length before applying mascara. 

For use as dry shampoo: 

Apply powder carefully to roots (and only roots) and massage into scalp. The powder will absorb any greasiness in your hair. Brush hair after to make sure you don't have any white spots. 

For eyelashes: 

Apply powder to a cotton bud, and gently coat lashes before applying mascara. You can do a second coat of powder and mascara until you're happy with the length and volume. 

* Do ensure not to inhale talc dust when removing baby powder from it's bottle. 

Baby oil

We've all seen the television ad punting baby oil as an after bath moisturiser, but did you know you can also use baby oil as an alternative to shaving cream? 

How to use for shaving: 

Apply baby oil to leg and follow your normal shaving routine. Couldn't be simpler and you won't need to add any moisturiser post shaving. 

Baby shampoo 

Super mild yet cleansing, baby shampoo is great if you like to wash your hair everyday. It's also great as a cleaning agent for make-up applicators, and as a DIY foot soak. 

To clean sponges and brushes: 

Add some baby shampoo to a little water and soak brushes and sponges in the solution until clean. 

Foot soak: 

Add baby shampoo to some warm water, to give it extra oomph, add essential oils (a few drops) of your choice and enjoy.

Baby bum cream (with zinc oxide) 

Got a nasty insect bite or foot blister you'd like to get rid of? Just apply some bum cream to the area for a quick fix. The zinc oxide in the cream is the secret ingredient. Also recommended to soften cracked heels, and works wonders on acne as the zinc reduces spots and redness. 

Nipple cream 

There's no need to even mention how vital this product is for moms, but nipple cream's surprising alternative use - an awesome lip treatment. Whether you're trying to get rid of a nasty cold sore, or suffering a serious bout of dry lips, apply the cream to lips for an instant solution. 

Tissue oil

Essential mom must-have, tissue oil, is an excellent moisturiser but can be a little greasy. To keep all the moisture but none of the slick, combine a few drops of tissue oil with baby aqueous cream. It's also a great ingredient for a home-made body scrub. 

Tissue oil body scrub:

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 x Tbsp tissue oil 
  • A few drops of essential oil like rosehip or lavender can also be added

*Story provides information only, please ask your healthcare provider for advice before trying any of the above. 

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What's your ultimate baby product beauty hack? Would you try any of these items? Let us know by emailing to chatback@parent24.com and we might publish your suggestions. 

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