Dads shown major love on nappy packaging and it's about time
A well-known brand is targeting the absent, uninvolved dad cliché by placing images of fathers lovingly holding their babies front and centre.
"Huggies done went and put a black father on the package of their diapers. This is a first in history look how far we’ve come. I’m about to buy these for no reason whatsoever."

Fathers based in the US and Canada have finally made it to the parenting big leagues, landing a coveted spot on a major nappy brand's new product.

And if you think about it, when have you ever seen a father featured prominently on any baby product packaging? 

It's clearly made an impact, with people taking to social media to give props to the brand for finally representing fathers in a positive light. 

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"We are thrilled with the response to the touching imagery," Sarah Lary, a Huggies representative from Kimberly-Clark External Communications told Parent24, adding that although dads have been featured in advertising before, "This is the first time Huggies has prominently included dads with babies on packaging in celebration of the important role dads play in families." 

The product isn't available in South Africa just yet, but hopefully more brands will be inspired to show off our amazing dads.

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