Gross! Moms create crazy 'art' from baby's umbilical cord
Warning: These images might disturb you.

Remember the day your baby was born and the doctor cut the cord? Those are memories that remain etched in a parent’s brain for years to come. But not all parents think alike. Some have sentimental attachments to certain things, especially when it's about their children.

Must see: Weird (and gross) things parents save

We've heard stories about parents keeping locks of baby's hair, making jewellery out of breastmilk, baby teeth and other weird things. And just when we thought nothing else could creep us out, the world got a whole lot more uncanny... moms making art with baby's umbilical cord!

Don't believe it? Have a look:

1. Dream catcher or nightmare initiator?

A photo posted by ragan. (@__rhkc) on

2. They say the possibilities are endless, but do we even want it to be possible?

3. Household masterpiece

4. Birth. Baby. Love. 

All you need is love ??

A photo posted by Blissful Womb Birth Services (@blissfulwomb) on

5. Help!

What is the weirdest thing you've kept as a parent? What has your parents kept from the time you were a baby? Let us know at

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