Incredible babies mimic parents' singing
How much do you stimulate your baby? Watch these two videos of babies copying their parents singing. Babies are capable of far more than we know!

We're just too delighted when our babies smile in our general direction, or finally say something that sounds like "mama" or "dada". My little one's first word was "no", but there you go. 

We know talking to our babies help the little brains to develop. Experts say it's good for their emotional wellbeing as it makes babies feel secure and loved, it helps them to develop social skills, and it develops them intellectually, forming neuropathways in the brain.  

Singing to our babies is taking it one step further. Apart from having a calming effect on your baby, the rhythm and melody can further help to stimulate baby's intellect and creativity. 

Two Facebook videos of parents take it to another level crossed my path this week. The first is of a dad with some serious beatboxing skills and his baby trying his best to keep up! So cute. 

And then I saw this video by my cousin, who lives in the States. Both she and her husband are concert pianists and she teaches music at Cleveland State University, Ohio. Here she uses drive-time to entertain (and stimulate) her youngest. Watch! 

Do you speak, read or sing to your baby and how does he react? Send your stories and video clips to for us to publish. You can also send us a Facebook link of the video (ensure the privacy settings of that post is public).

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