Serena Williams needs your advice because Olympia is a "fish fresh out of water" at bathtime
Serena Williams took to Twitter because baby Alexis Olympia doesn't want to let mommy get her into her pajamas. Naturally the Internet came to her rescue, as they always do, with some advice and a little banter here and there.
Alexis Olympia Jr seems to be giving mom a little trouble at bath time. So Serena Williams took to Twitter for some advice. (Instagram)

Our littlest Grand Slam champion seems to be giving mom a little trouble again, and this time, it’s with bathtime.

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Serena Williams tweeted she’s struggling to get baby Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr to cooperate at bathtime, and when she tried to put her pajamas on, “she was flipping like a fish fresh out of water.”

She jokingly says, “If this was an Olympic sport she would have gotten the Gold and I would not even place. There’s got to be an easier way.”

Mother may I?

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Well, hate to break it to you, Serena, but there is no hard-and-fast rule, nor is there a step-by-step guide. We’re all pretty much winging it. But you know you can always count on the internet to either share in your pain and make you feel a little less alone or offer words of advice that might be pretty useful.

Here's what your followers had to say:

“We have a fish at our house too!”

“Must have mom’s determination and strength!”

Songs and games to do the trick

If all else fails, just surrender until she's old enough to dress herself

How did you get your little one to cooperate with bathtime? Send your tips and tricks to and we may publish them.

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