This little boy lights up every time he sees Christmas decorations!
When this mom took her little boy shopping with her, he got super excited about the holiday season and now, so are we.

This little boy lights up every time he sees Christmas decorations and it’s enough to get you in the Christmas spirit!

With stores already bringing in their red-and-gold-covered Christmas chocolates and lightly dusted cookies packaged in beautiful tins, I wonder, is it too early to be Christmas shopping? 

I mean we’ve got over a month to go still, right?

Well, little Mick’s reaction to the Christmas decorations up in stores will make you say absolutely not.

Hannah Law, on a casual shopping trip with her one-year-old son, was strolling down the aisle when she noticed her son light up at the sight of the Christmas decorations. She told Parent24 that when they went shopping the following day, he did the exact same thing.

Watch little Mick’s reaction – right to the end:

“I thought it was just a funny thing he did that one time,” she explained, “But every time he sees Christmas decor at stores he reacts the same.”

Hannah told Parent24 that this isn’t Mick’s first Christmas – he was a newborn baby when they had their very first Christmas as a family. “We would lay him under the Christmas tree and he would love staring at the lights and ornaments.”

Hannah explained that even as a newborn, Mick was a wide-eyed little one, fascinated and amazed by everything around him. She continued, “It’s been fun being his mom.”

Ah, we're sure! Just watching his reaction made us melt and want to get into the holiday spirit.

After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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Have you already started getting Christmas shopping and getting into the holiday spirit? Tell us by commenting below.

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