WATCH: The #PandaSneeze challenge is 'ridiculously adorable'
What is the parenting life without a few laughs at your offspring's expense? And the latest #PandaSneeze challenge is just the thing for a belly-ache inducing laugh.
#pandasneeze (Youtube)

It was the sneeze heard around the world. 

Remember the newborn baby panda who's sneeze startled its mother? 

The 18-second viral video was clearly the inspiration behind Tik Tok's panda filters, and now the social media video app is being used in the latest parenting prank dubbed the #PandaSneeze challenge. 

The prank features moms using the panda filters to 'turn' their babies into pandas to hilarious effect. 

Posting a comment via YouTube, one person said the video "is ridiculously adorable", and we can't think of a better description. 

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