8 weird things new parents worry about
Crazy and unnecessary things that new parents stress about.

Being a first-time brand new parent was one of the scariest things I have ever had to experience. I was not so quietly convinced after I found that my days old son had somehow gotten his blankets on his face that he was going to suffocate in his crib.

Why is he hiccuping at random times throughout the day? More importantly how the hell do I stop the deathly hiccups?!

Why does he vomit every time he feeds? Is he starving now? Do I have to feed him again?

He looks a bit yellow. Does he have jaundice? I think he has jaundice! I need to take him to PathCare IMMEDIATELY!!!

Panic, panic, panic!

Also, it turns out he did not have jaundice but a little sunbathing in the morning sun wouldn't hurt.

Those are all thoughts and things that actually happened in the first few days of being home with my son.

BuzzFeed put out a video starring real life couple and brand new parents, Justin Abarca and Elizabeth Triplett who highlight some of the weird things that new parents worry about.

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What were the weirdest thing that you were worried about with your newborn? Send us an mail to chatback@parent24.com
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