No more nurseries: Here’s what you had to say
Parent24 readers had quite a lot to say about hospitals doing away with nurseries.

Last week, I wrote an article about how Baby-Friendly Hospitals in the USA were doing away with nurseries in an attempt to foster a better bonding experience between mom and baby and also to encourage breastfeeding.

I'm still of the opinion that moms should have a choice whether to send their babies to the nursery or not but I also do like the idea of rooming-in.

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In South Africa we have 176 hospitals (only one of which is a private hospital) that have received the WHO and UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital status and have no nurseries but that doesn’t mean that moms don’t have the full support of the hospital staff.

Most of the Parent24 readers were in favour of this new trend. Here’s what they had to say about it:

All for it!

Nurseries are needed

Moms should have a choice

There were many interesting discussions taking place in the comment thread, so have a look at what some moms think about this latest trend.

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