6 of the most creative ways you’ve gotten your baby to sleep
Absolutely nothing is worst than a baby that needs to sleep but won't.

We all know babies are the most adorable little humans but sometimes they become little sleep deprived monsters when they refuse to get some shut-eye. Maybe you have found the perfect way to get your baby to sleep. Do you sing a lullaby or tell a story?

We asked our Parent24 community to share their tips and tricks.  

1. A well fed baby. 

2. Talking about future plans. 

3. Bouncing on a gym ball.

4. Listening to music. 

5. On a tumble dryer?

6. In a car seat. 

We want to hear from you, Do you have a creative way you get your baby to sleep; Email chatback@parent24.com we might publish your response.


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