5 ways to keep your busy toddler safe
Now that your little one is walking around, there are a few things which could be dangerous for her. Here are a few to tips to help.

With a little human cruising, walking or running around, you'll find lots more in her world that could pose a danger to her than a sharp table edge. Here's how to keep her safe:

1. Bare is best

Your toddler's steps are a little bit wobbly, and walking in socks or shoes on bare floors can be a slippery affair, so keep these for outside only for now. Let your baby walk barefoot in the house, so she can use her toes to grip the floor.

2. Remove roadblocks

Pack away any lose rugs or other floor clutter that can trip up your unsteady toddler. This includes wires or cables, magazine racks, decorative boxes, etc.

3. Double-up the childproofing

Now's the time to install childproof locks on all cupboard doors, drawers and toilet seats. Put safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs, cover all heated surfaces such as the stove, and go around the house on her level to spy out any other dangers that need to be childproofed.

4. Keep things tidy

Now that your baby is moving around at a new height she's going to be able to get a lot more things too. Don't leave any small items - nail clippers, coins, till slips, matches, etc - lying around. Anything that is small enough to fit into a toilet roll inner is small enough for your toddler to choke on.

5. Out of sight, out of mind

Move all your electrical appliances, including the DVD player, out of your toddler's reach. They are going to fascinate her, and even if they're just an arm's length higher than her, she can reach up and pull them down on top of her.

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