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Expert and user advice on feeding fussy toddlers.
Parent24 user Cheryl asks:

My 1-year-old is down from five to two bottles a day. I am trying to get him to eat more solid food, other than Purity. He does not seem able to chew and swallow solid food, often just moving the food around in his mouth until he either gags or cries or I have to pull it out. It is probably my fault though - I was hesitant to feed him more solid food, scared he would choke. We now eat in front of him and try to get him to eat our food, but he is still resisting.
Do we need an OT?

Our expert
Paula Barnard-Ashton, an Occupational Therapist, answers:

It is very hard to say whether a child needs OT from a short description, but my instinct is always that if you are having difficulty with day to day things such as feeding then the sooner you get some help the better it is for all of you. It may mean one or two sessions with an occupational therapist, developmental nurse, or speech therapist to give you guidance. Remember that finger-foods (finger biscuits, pieces of fruit-pear) are good for teaching hand to mouth co-ordination and developing chewing, licking, sucking, and swallowing actions. They tend to become soft and "mushy" so the risk of choking is less.

Parent24 blogger Kalene asks:

What can I give my one year old to eat? He has eight teeth. Does anyone have recipes to make healthy meals?

MinkiMinki replies:

Minki loves 2-minute noodles (feeds herself with her fingers), diced pumpkin/butternut, julienne carrots, chicken breast strips, even corn on the cob, she loves gnawing on the cob, for hours. french toast fingers with a little sprinkled brown sugar.
For breakfast Weatbix, toddler Pronutro, instant oats, soft mieliepap, scrambled eggs.

Cilla replies:

My kids used to love potatoes with gemsquash...
Boil them up, mash them together and add a bit of Marmite.

Deblet replies:

Finger foods are good....cut up tomatoand cucumber.
Also fish fingers and chips.
Pasta with mince.
Chicken breasts cut into slices so he can feed himself.

Parent24 blogger Meggle writes:

What do your little people eat? Are they fussy eaters or have healthy appetites? Do your kids eat the family meal or do you have to prepare a special meal for them every night? I know it depends on the age of the child and family routine too.

These are the things Bubbaloo will eat: Fish fingers, chicken nuggets, frozen fish pieces, spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, saucy tuna pasta dishes, strips of chicken breast, any kind of sausage, homemade meatballs, and pizzas. He eats cucumber, raw carrots, and cherry tomatoes. Here is the thing... the only veggies Bubbaloo will eat are MCCAIN MIXED FROZEN VEG (carrots, peas, corn & green beans).

He loves his veg. If you ask him what he wants for supper, he will say veggies every time. He eats his veggies before anything else on his plate and finishes it all. He has even chosen veggies over jellybeans before. The teachers and my family are amazed. It’s wonderful, I agree, but it kind of limits my cooking somewhat. He does not eat potatoes of any kind; even fries from McD's are most of the time refused.

New ideas are needed desperately!

What do your little ones eat? Is it harder to get kids to eat healthily these days?

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