Parents behaving badly
If you watched yourself, you might be surprised how your parenting looks to other people.

Sometimes I wonder what will be going on in some parents’ minds when I see them dealing with their young ones. I guess some of the parents will be unaware that they are being unkind to their children.

Dragging a child
Whenever I take a walk in town I see parents literally dragging their kids. If you are in a hurry, kindly lift up the child instead of forcing the poor little person to keep up with your fast pace. I’ve witnessed kids being made to jog to keep up with their impatient parent. Cruel indeed.

Not strapping a child into the car seat
Believe it or not some parents do not strap their child into the car seat in this day and age. And where will the child be sitting? On the front passenger seat. I’ve seen parents allow their children to put their heads out of the car window while the car is moving. Freedom right? Wrong.

Have any of these parents ever imagined what may happen if they hit the brakes and their child is not protected by safety belt?

Treating your child like an adult

At times I feel that some parents forget that their children are not little adults. Children lack the mature judgment that parents have gained over the years. Some parents forget about all this and they get needlessly impatient and harsh with their young ones.

I noticed a mother walking with her 3-year-old son in a fairly busy parking lot. For some reason the mother did not hold the child’s hand. When the child was nearly knocked down by a vehicle, what did the young mother do? She started spanking the poor child.

Angry at this injustice I approached her and said ‘Excuse me. I don’t think you should hit your child. You were at fault here, why were you not holding his hand? You know this is a busy road.’

Dazed by this unexpected intervention the mother stopped, apologised and walked away. I hope she learnt her lesson.

Children are at the mercy of the adults who look after them. It’s easy to be unkind to a child without realising it. If in doubt, just take a moment to see yourself through an outsider’s eyes.

Do parents treat their kids badly without meaning to?

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