Beware! Child on board
Travelling with a kid on a plane is our users' worst nightmare.

When Carrie Linder wrote a column on her experience with her toddler on a plane, users had a field day and added their own horror experiences of travelling with young children. Here’s what that they had to say.

"Don’t I know that feeling!!! When coming home from George, my two year old also started coughing and then puked all over himself, me and his sister(6), well I used a bag of wipes and tried to calm both kids and just then my little girl needed the bathroom, needless to say I begged her to try to hold, so there I walked down the isle with two children full of puke and myself smelling like sour milk...people starring..." - Pixie

"Left the hotel in Mauritius a couple of years back. The 'transfer driver' was shocking with sudden pull-offs and sudden breaking. My daughter was around 2 at the time. Half an hour before the airport she throws up on me, her entire bottle. Get to the airport, open case, change in taxi, put wet-sour-milk clothes in case (including my daughters) wipe her down and head for check in. Well the case stank for years until we threw it out." - Badger

"George back to Jhb, 1996, in a monster storm. We were seated right at the back, mama and child in A, colleague in B, me in C. The mom kept the kid to her chest, but sideways. As we accelerated down the runway, she got nauseous (Captain Obvious at work), and upchucked BIG TIME. My colleague had a little kid, and was used to dealing with chunder, and CAUGHT IT. Deftly dumped it into an airsickness bag, and went and washed his hands." - SkerP

"About 8 hours into the flight, everyone asleep little Megan woke me up and said that she needed the toilet real bad. Normally, I walked her to the toilet, opened the door and wiped the seat then waited outside the unlocked toilet so that she did not lock herself in. I heard this little voice requesting my presence inside. She had a touch of the shits and it was everywhere. On the floor, the seat in her jammies everywhere. I was a prepared dad so I got my bag with a million wetones and slowly started cleaning half asleep. Threw her panties away and her jammies pants and finally had her looking brand new. At this time I was ready to use the toilet myself so I moved her to the back of the toilet so I could urinate. Still half asleep I was I heard her ask why her feet were wet. I looked down and yes I was missing the loo and peeing on the floor and my poor little girl standing in it. I felt awful she did not know what it was but i had to use all my wipes to clean the floor and her feet, threw her socks away and rubbed hand sanitizer all over her feet too. I was so embarrassed and thankful to finally get into SA dreading the huge trip back to the U.S but I was a lot more organised." - Jamie

"A different twist....last flight from Jo'burg to CT, weather from hell, bad turbulence. Next to us, an Indian couple, he obviously very nervous. And there you have my 6 year old, cute blonde angel, telling the guy "mister, we are going to crash" with her eyes full of innocence!!! Needless to say, this guy spent the rest of the flight in the toilet." - Alex

Have any child on a plane horror stories? Share them in the comment box below!

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