Grow up, Charlie!
Charlie Sheen is so not the single dad’s role model, says Marlon Abrahams.
I love Charlie Sheen’s character in Two and a half men. But you have to be a total moron to think that that kind of lifestyle is real and can be maintained for any significant amount of time without negative consequences.

And it would seem that Charlie’s art is being imitated in his real life. What hot blooded heterosexual guy would not like to have fun with a bunch of pornstars for an entire weekend? Anyone who says no is lying. But, maybe once, or even just to fantasize about it once would be enough for most of us, but Charlie has made it a lifestyle. Now he has lost temporary custody of his 23-month-old twin sons.

Time to grow up, Charlie!

What is it about these guys who seemingly have it all? Charlie has all the money he needs, he’s good looking, has managed to attract women of the calibre of former bond girl Denise Richards to willingly marry him, yet he resorts to a life of pornstars and no responsibility.

You’d think that working on a show where the two lead characters are ‘responsible’ for the development of a young boy, Charlie might have picked up a thing or two about being a parental role model to his own kids.

Dump the porn

Men enjoy porn; it’s just one of those things. Some of us will admit to it, others will deny it to the death, but there isn’t a man alive today, who has been exposed to it, who did not enjoy it, even just a little.

But, for goodness sake, everything has its place. I dumped my girly mags shortly before Hannah was born, because it just felt wrong to have that in the house. You can’t have one set of standards as a parent and another as a human being, especially if you’re a role model viewed by millions of people all over the world. And yes, that kinda thing is interesting or even exciting in our youth, but in my experience it gets so boring, so fast. So I don’t really get Charlie’s ongoing fascination with it.

So if you’re a single dad and you’ve enjoyed Charlie’s antics in his show, like I have, let’s hope that he does have some kind of breakthrough in his personal troubles besetting him now; because we mere mortals need good parental role models.

These guys are going through the same kind of issues most of us go through, but because they’re in the spotlight all the time, it serves, intentionally or not, as an example to others.
When you have kids, everything changes. Whether you wanted them or not, you have to change your lifestyle to be a good role model for your kids, it’s not negotiable, it’s a necessary fact.

And if you’re a playboy single dad reading this wanting to be like Charlie, trust me, Charlie, at this juncture in his life, is probably the biggest example of how not to be a good parental role model. I hope he slays his dragons and gets his boys back soon.

Do you have to change your lifestyle to be a good parent?

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