Best cat breeds for kids
8 cat breeds you should consider adopting if you have children.
There are many factors to consider when looking to adopt a new pet. Whether it's a dog, cat or fish, animals are living creatures that take a lot of care.

Much like a baby, a pet needs attention. If you have young children, pets are also a great way to teach responsibility, how to help around the home and how to handle animals.

If you're wanting to add a furry feline to your family, there are certain breeds that may suit your home and lifestyle better than others.

Different breeds of cats have different personalities and some may not be suitable to have around young kids.

Take a look at the list below and see if any of these breeds are the perfect cat for you and your family.

Kid-friendly cat breeds

Abyssinian Cats

These beautiful cats are super active and very curious. They love to interact with people and are loyal to their families. They also love to mimic their humans so keep an eye on your cupboards.

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American Shorthair Cats

These gentle kitties love children and are perfect at being part of a family. If you already have other cats then these felines will fit in perfectly.

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Birman Cats

Birmans are gentle, chatty cats. They're sweet and very intelligent. They master tricks easily and have no problem playing with other household pets.

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Burmese Cats

These intelligent cats are very loyal and become very attached the humans in their lives. If you plan to get a Burmese, it's going to be for life (as all animals should be). They love to hide shiny objects and often open cabinets or cupboards to find a secret spot.

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Maine Coon Cats

Maine Coons are bundles of energy that have no problem playing with young children, other cats and even small dogs. They're mischievous and it's not uncommon to find them dunking their favourite toys in their water bowls.

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Manx Cats

Calm and collected, these cats are best suited to families who tend to stay in one place. Manx cats are not fond of relocating. They love to climb and their stocky builds make them resilient when playing with young kids.

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Persian cats

Persians are calm and docile. That's why they have no problem being part of multi-pet family. They love to play with kids but also prefer some alone time.

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Ragdoll Cats

These cats are very easygoing and love being cuddled. Playtime is always welcomed, whether it's with the family puppy or your toddler. Loveable and devoted, Ragdolls are great family cats.

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Always consider adopting from your local animal shelter before buying from a breeder.

What are your favourite cat breeds? Do they get along with your kids? Share with us below.

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