Reader's letter: "My child spent her first birthday in hospital"
A mother shares her story about her daughter's struggle with Rotavirus.

My daughter was almost a year old and a happy baby.

Then one afternoon she started crying bitterly. After going through all the necessary mothers checks she could not be consoled.

Around 18H00, her fever went up badly and she struggled to breathe.


My husband was out of town on a workshop. My brother-in-law rushed us to the hospital.

When we got there the paediatrician on duty couldn't work out what the problem was.

I ended up calling the paediatrician who was on leave, but he came none the less. God bless his good soul.

When he arrived she had drips on her head and feet and she had swollen badly.


After a couple of tests the paediatrician told us that it was Rotavirus. By then my husband was with me.

He'd driven back to us like a mad man and was emotional too. She was treated but spent the whole week in hospital.

And her 1st birthday passed while she was lying there.


Having to sit by the hospital bed watching over your sick child when you can't even hold her/ him as extremely painful.

Our daughter is now 5 years old and happy as ever. 

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