WATCH: That toddler had another adorable ‘conversation’ with his dad – are we crying or is it just our allergies?
With a new ad for a US diner, Kingston and his dad, DJ Pryor, had another adorable 'conversation'.
Dad: That’s your favourite cartoon! They cancelled it? Son: [indistinct sounds and angry hand gestures] (Twitter)

Remember that adorable toddler who stole our hearts when he had a nonsense conversation in front of the TV with his dad? 

He’s back in a new ad for US diner, Denny’s, venting over the network cancelling his favourite show. 

Denny’s captioned the video of stand-up comedian, DJ Pryor, and his toddler son, Kingston, “find cute baby from viral video and bring him to Denny’s” accompanied by a checklist tick emoji. 

Watch the adorable video below: 

See their previous conversation here: WATCH: Toddler and father have adorable ‘conversation’ while watching TV together

Their conversation went a little like this: 

Dad: I brought you here to find out what’s going on in your life. What’s going on in your life, huh? 

Son: [indistinct, high-pitched sounds, with lots of emotion] 

Dad: Really? And that’s your favourite cartoon! 

Son: [more indistinct, high-pitched sounds, with even more emotion] 

Dad: They cancelled it? 

Son: [indistinct sounds and angry hand gestures] 

Dad: We gotta send a letter to the network and tell them to bring that back. 

They ate some bacon, shared a comforting hug, and, you guessed it – melted our hearts all over again. Check.


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