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What The Lion King teaches us about children and grief

For more than 20 years, The Lion King has taught children lessons about the circle of life.


WATCH: Adorable toddler makes beauty industry look like child's play

China's youngest make-up artist? Meet Xinxin.


Grudges come naturally to kids – gratitude must be taught

Research suggests that young children aren't naturally geared towards kindness and must learn the principle of direct reciprocity in order to apply it.


WATCH: Blue Ivy is already following in her mom's footsteps

At just 7 years old Blue Ivy Carter is already making history. She is the youngest person to ever score a Billborad Hot 100 hit.


The proposed 'no repeat policy' will be 'placing the needs of the education system above the needs of our learners'

"Through this policy revision, the DBE will be putting a band-aid on a scratch that will eventually become a deep wound."


The Little Mermaid doesn't have to be white and blue-eyed to be beautiful, and our girls don't have to be either

It was recently announced that Halle Bailey will play Ariel in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. Of course, the trolls had a lot to say, but we, and a lot of other parents, think she's going to make a gorgeous Ariel. Kudos to Disney for promoting diversity – something our kids absolutely need to see.


WATCH: These African dolls are challenging stereotypes

In Burkina Faso, the local creators of African dolls hope that their toys will resonate more with the children of the continent.


WATCH: The girl with stellar handwriting – but no hands

Sara Hinsley was born without hands, but she doesn't let that hold her back and keep her from dreaming big.


Google has a free course teaching kids to spot fake news, and you should probably try it too

Be Internet Awesome is a free digital safety and citizenship children's course Google has been offering for the past two years. They've now added spotting fake news to the curriculum and tech experts are saying the course may prove just as beneficial to adults as well.

Health & Safety

Approaching a frightened dog is the #1 reason children under 10 are bitten - here's what experts say you need to teach your child to avoid this

It’s vital to teach children to be cautious about approaching dogs that look scared. This may seem strange to the child, who might think that the dog experiences emotions in a similar way to themselves and would find physical comfort reassuring.


A chess program helped this 8-year-old raise $240,000 and get his family out of a homeless shelter – here’s what to look for in a chess program for your child

A former U.S. Women’s Chess Champion shares her top tips for parents searching for a chess program for their child.


Tips for nannies and caregivers during the school holidays

The June/July school holidays are here, and you, your nanny or childcare provider may be running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained, stimulated and relaxed. We spoke to a Joburg-based nanny placement agent for advice...


Inspiring childhood movie quotes you may have forgotten

We compiled a list of our favourite inspiring childhood movies quotes for you.


WATCH: These kids performed Old Town Road better than Lil Nas X when he visited their school

"I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road. I'm gonna, riiiiide, 'til I can't no more."


50% of children have never read a book with their parents – here's why we need to encourage reading early on

We could go on and on about the benefits of spending time reading, drawing or simply talking to your children, but you’re probably tired of hearing that. With 50% of children having never read a book with their parents though, maybe we actually aren't saying it often enough.


UJ study finds that children on social grants go to school earlier and are less likely to be obese

Our government has highlighted the importance of access to quality early stimulation, education and care for all children, and University of Johannesburg research is showing that this is becoming a reality for SA's children.


Unathi’s sweet message to her daughter on her birthday

They have raised her to be quite the queen.


WATCH: Can these traditional dolls really take all your child’s worries away?

In Guatemala it is believed that if children tell all their troubles to their worry doll, slip it under their pillow and rest their head for the night, when they wake all their worries will be gone.


Play-date etiquette: Muslim moms share a few things to keep in mind

No, not all chicken is halaal, and you may be surprised to know you can't just hand out droëwors sticks to all the kids at the playdate. We spoke to our community of Muslim moms who shared a few things to keep in mind on playdates with their kids.


Children under the age of two are watching double the amount of screen time they should be, with lasting consequences on their development

64% of children under the age of two are watching over two hours of TV and videos every day. That's double the amount the World Health Organisation recommends. And with research indicating that in the first three years of our lives, our brains develop rapidly, tripling in size, we need to ensure our kids spend far less time in front of screens.


"Teach manners and morals first please": Our parents weigh in on school sex-ed policies

Our readers share their thoughts on how sex ed is taught to primary school learners, largely disapproving of the recent suggestions posed by the Department of Education.


Department of Education slams claims of masturbation lessons for Grade 4 pupils

Confirmed by the Department of Education: Masturbation will not be included in the new Life Orientation curriculum for Grade 4 pupils.


Boys’ attention and social behaviour is linked to earnings 30 years later

Behaviours identified as early as kindergarten have always been clues for how one may turn out in adulthood. This study explores boys’ attention and prosocial behaviour and found a link to their potential earnings.


"ANC? Or did you say KFC?" – We asked kids what their thoughts are on the 2019 elections and got the best responses

What are the elections? What would you do if you were president? And what do you know about the EFF, DA and ANC? – We asked kids a few very important questions about the 2019 elections and got the best responses. Most were pretty insightful, others wondered why exactly we'd ever ask them about the "KFC"?


Fill your child’s emotional cup with these tips

"Imagine that every child has a cup that needs to be filled – with affection, love, security, and attention. Some seem to have a full cup most of the time, or know good ways to get a refill. But most children get a little nervous when their cup gets near empty."


Gary Kirsten is using crowdfunding to give 13 young cricket players a chance of a lifetime

“When I was their age I just had so many great opportunities to become better at cricket. Travelling around the world is just what cricket gave me."


Irish 9-year-old collects 1 000 Easter eggs for sick kids

Touching snaps that have gone viral show a schoolgirl surrounded by mountains of Easter eggs she’s collected for sick kids.
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