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Health & Safety

WATCH: Animated educational video reminds kids how to protect against coronavirus (in isiZulu, Sesotho and English)

"We hope it makes some kind of contribution towards preparing families to better protect themselves against the pandemic, and that this video will be a useful part of that (online) toolbox."


Ready to teach the kids to cook? Here's how

Some tips to get kids of any age excited to be in the kitchen.


Homemade treats to keep the kids busy in lockdown

Never again will you have to hear the words: "I'M BORED!"


WATCH: Rumanah Ganie, now reporting on Covid-19 for Grade 2 News

She interviewed children around the world, sharing their experience of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Learn to make a paper mâché bowl

Gather some kids and some old comics and create a fabulous paper mâché bowl


How to keep the kids happy in the garden

SA’s best known gardener Keith Kirsten gives answers on how to get kids involved.


My child is 12 and still wets the bed, should I be worried?

Bedwetting is often a matter of genetics and can be outgrown, but is best evaluated if it continues beyond age five.


WATCH: 'Don't rub your eyes, and please sanitize!': Local 9-year-old is SA's own Dr Seuss

"Eesa has always been a fan of Dr Seuss, and perhaps it's his love for these books that has given him a way with words."


16 fun and affordable hobbies to try with your kids

Trying new things doesn't have to break your bank.


'Do people have to die?': Here's why kids are asking such big questions during the pandemic

Talking with kids about what they are thinking without always feeling compelled to offer answers can help them explore their own concerns and ideas. Especially now, as families are quarantined together.

Primary school

Mr President, you've got mail! Grade 2 pupils voice their appreciation in cute letters

"Thank you for puting [sic] lockdown... I am happy but bored. For the past few days, I've been going crazy." This is hands down the sweetest thing you'll see today!


Find hundreds of free art-based colouring books here

There are nearly 400 colouring books freely available in PDF format to choose from, and may even prove interesting enough for moms and dads to join in.


Actress Phumeza Mdabe shares proud moment as her blind son rides his bike

Phumeza says it might seem like something ordinary for parents of abled children, but for her it’s a special achievement.

Health & Safety

Please protect your children during this lockdown period

The Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital and ChildSafe SA are urging all adults, parents and caregivers to be extra vigilant and apply proper supervision over the young ones during this time.


FEEL GOOD | How this local 7-year-old started his hand-sanitiser business after learning about coronavirus

When seven-year-old Nkosana Buthelezi learnt about Covid-19 in school, he felt a sudden rush of concern.

Health & Safety

Use this cute graphic to explain Covid-19 to younger kids

See this PDF to make the explaining of the coronavirus to your children easier.


Ever heard of 'pester power'? Here's how our food industry is getting your kids to make you buy unhealthy food

For the sake of future generations, it is critical that we teach our children to eat well: lots of fruit and vegetables, less salt, less sugar and fewer processed carbohydrates.

Health & Safety

Eight tips on what to tell your kids about coronavirus

One thing to note is the number of reported infection cases in children remains low: of more than 44,000 confirmed cases from China, only 416 (less than 1%) were aged nine years or younger. No deaths were reported in this age group.


Six phrases to help your child’s emotional development

Emotional competence is an important life skill. Children with a high level of emotional competence, tend to have more friends, do better at school, and are more likely to help others.


Childhood deprivation affects brain size and behaviour

The human brain goes through dramatic developmental changes in the first years of life. During this period it is particularly sensitive to environmental influences.


Local boy born with birth defect at last gets to go to school – nine surgeries later

There aren’t any recent figures for South Africa but in the US, 1 500 to 2 000 babies out of the 4 million born each year, are born with the condition.


More than 8,000 South African children die every year as a result of injuries, and poverty has a lot to do with it, experts say

Poor infrastructure and harsh living conditions, in a society like South Africa which has deep structural poverty, expose children to high levels of neglect, harm and injury in the home and community.


Schoolgirl makes stunning recovery after surgeons turn her foot into her knee

A schoolgirl who beat bone cancer after surgeons performed a rare surgery that turned her foot into her knee has wowed medics and her family - by being more active than ever before.


With $26 million in earnings and more views than Baby Shark, this 8-year-old is Forbes' Highest-Paid YouTube Star of 2019

Started as an unboxing and toy review channel in 2015, Ryan's World now boasts more than 23 million subscribers and more than 34 billion views, making the 8-year-old star of the show more popular than the viral monster, Baby Shark.


WATCH: 5 treats children leave for Father Christmas around the world

The traditional name for the jolly gift-giver isn't the only thing that differs by country, watch this fun video to see what gifts Father Christmas receives around the world.


How to survive load shedding during dinnertime

Three tips for helping get the kids organised in the evenings easier.

Health & Safety

The 15 safest Cape Town beaches for kids this festive season

ID armbands to be used to keep kids safe at select Cape Town beaches this festive season. .
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