Help fight world hunger with just R2
See how the KFC Add Hope campaign is helping bring hope to kids across South Africa.

Having written my Matric in the height of summer and also Ramadaan, I have some small inkling of what it is to study on an empty stomach. The fact that I passed Maths at all is a small miracle in itself.

But this is the reality for 3.2 million South African children and it's not just for a month. This is their every day lives. According to Abby Courtenay, professional dietician, who consults with Afrika Tikkun, “When a child doesn’t get the right nutrients, malnutrition can manifest both mentally and physically. Classic examples would be a decrease in concentration, memory and fatigue as well as delayed or stunted development of muscle and bones.”

How to Add Hope

KFC's Add Hope campaign was started in 2009 as their Corporate Social Responsibility program. Do you know how whenever you buy a meal at KFC and the teller asks you if you want to add R2 for hope? Well, here's what happens with all your R2s. It goes into the Add Hope Trust, and that money is distributed among 130 beneficiaries.  

One of those beneficiaries is Afrika Tikkun, an after school programme that provides children with a place to do homework with the help of facilitators. They also run extra curricular activities such as computer literacy and there is also a creche for younger kids. The younger kids are provided with breakfast, lunch and two snacks. The older kids get a snack and an afternoon meal before they head home.

The center has a registered dietitian that consults with the kitchen staff to make sure that the kids are having healthy, nutritious meals that consist of 2 vegetables, a starch and a protein.

Pledge Your Plate

With October being World Health Month, KFC has launched an awareness campaign called Pledge Your Plate. Why an awareness campaign, you ask? Because even though we all know world hunger is a very real thing, we tend to not think about it when we have full bellies and busy lives.

We spoke to two of the kids who come to Afrika Tikkun about how it's changed their lives.

Meet Luyanda

Meet Michelle

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