Kick his ass!
Our users say give bullies a taste of their own medicine.
Cathi asked Parent24's Educational Psychologist, Greg Crighton's advice on dealing with bullying. This is what our users had to say about the situation:

Get your son into a martial art, it has many benefits and if taught correctly will instil a sense of discipline, confidence and balance. It will also carry with it the advantage of equipping him with the skills required to sort these little thugs out should the need arise.
-    Michael

I spoke to the principal about my daughter and nothing was done, then I decided to confront the girls parents oh boy I tell you, the mother was so defensive and I gave her a hot clab across the face in front of his daughter. She wanted to go and lay a charge at the police station but the husband advised her not to b’coz the media will hear about it (his he an executive in one of the big banks) and later he admitted that their child has a problem. Guess what, the principal thanked me for that, he was too scared of the parents.
-    Anon

Tell them to fight back. ONE good slap is what it normally takes. I was the smallest in the school from the start. For two years I took it and let it ride. THEN the POO hit the fan. I gave the biggest boy in the school such a slap it could be heard across the quad. I was never picked on again
-   Craig

My son was also bullied at school and I have tried everything to sort out the situation, but to no avail. I have never believed in violence, but in the end I gave my son permission to go ahead and hit the shit out of those bullies. My son is now enjoying school and no more problems from bullies. He stopped being a victim.
-    Bella

Therapy bull#$% man! Don't make babies from boys. Teach them to face the bullies head on. Stand their ground and even give the first unexpected punch! That is the only way.
-    Mike Tyson

I was also bullied at school. Advise my mom gave me warn three times, if bully does not listen get a good punch or kick in, bullying stopped. It is different for a boy, wrestling is a good way how to be taught to tackle a bully without harming anybody.
-    Lize

I sit here and think - how sad a situation, when we have to teach children to fight violence with violence... I grew up in a home that was fraught with violence – I often wondered as a kid why the police did not just leave a vehicle outside our house permanently – they would have saved themselves a lot of traveling …I think the point I am trying to make is it is not the kids who are being bullied that are the problem here, it is the kids who have not been taught by their parents – love, respect, self worth/esteem, etc.
-    Kp

Firstly, enroll your child in a martial arts or wrestling class. I myself prefer wrestling - it is an excellent sport which teaches children how to think and react quickly in close-quarter situations (such as confrontations with bullies) and which builds up excellent bodily strength for even the smallest and meekest of children. Plus, it is easy to learn. Secondly, let your child compete in some team sports. Team-mates often become friends who are willing to stand up for each other and this will help your child to not stand out as such a loner. This is especially helpful if he is the victim of a group of Bullies and not just a single kid. Third, make sure to teach your kid that it is good, not just acceptable, to protect himself and his friends if threatened with physical abuse.
-    SoundAdvice

As someone who was bullied a lot at school, with all due respect, Greg's advice sucks. The school do something about it? Ha ha ha! That's the funniest thing I've read all year. Therapy might have one or two benefits but the single best thing you can do for your son is teach him how to FIGHT BACK.
-    David

Do you agree? Is violence the best way to deal with bullies?

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