Mental Illness Quiz Answers
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Mental Illness is caused by poor parenting

This is false. Mental illness has complex causes, and is not caused by poor parenting.



Using drugs causes mental illness

Drugs may occasionally be considered to have triggered the first psychotic episode of someone with a mental illness e.g. schizophrenia, but they are not the cause. They should however still be avoided as they may worsen symptoms and endanger recovery.



A person with a mental illness has a split personality

This is completely false, and relates to a different and rare disorder - Dissociative Identity Disorder.



Children can be diagnosed with mental illness

While most people develop schizophrenia in their adolescence or adulthood, children as young as five may be diagnosed.




About half of people with a mental illness also have problems with substance abuse/dependence




It is very expensive to treat mental illness

Treating mental illness does require adequate resources, there are relatively inexpensive, effective treatments available.




People with mental illness can recover from their illness

Some people completely recover from mental illness. Others will continue to have symptoms, or will have episodes where they are unwell. However even if they have symptoms, they can have full and meaningful lives.



Most people with mental illness such as schizophrenia are violent criminals

Extensive research has shown that this is not true. People with mental illness are only slightly more likely to be violent than the population as a whole, and often violent behaviour only occurs because the person is experiencing acute symptoms. If these symptoms are treated, the risk for violence for diminishes greatly.



Mental illness affects people of all races, cultures and social classes

True! Mental illnesses, can affect anyone.



People with mental illness should not have children

The chance of the child of a person with a mental illness inheriting the illness is only 1 in 10; if both parents have the illness, the chance of the child developing the illness increases to two in five.




People with mental illness are capable of making their own decisions about treatment and other areas of their lives: True!




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