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Your child, the muti ingredient
People need to be educated to prevent our children being wiped out in front of our eyes, says Masanda Peter.
Not too long ago News24 published an article about a young girl who had her womb ripped out while she was still alive. She then her breast cut off and other sickening acts followed which are too gruesome for any parent to bear. Why are men so cruel that they would do something so gruesome to another human being? I remember the days when you would walk in the dark from a shop and as soon as you see a male person you would feel secure because that was a symbol of protection. The strong man was going to protect you as a young child but now you run away.

This act also involved a traditional healer and we often hear of ritual murders but come on people this is not acceptable. It is just way too much to believe that human beings would do something so cruel. Of course it is barbaric behaviour and no child anywhere in the world deserves to die like that. No parent wants to hear that their child died under those circumstances.

Traditional healing is part of the African culture and we have also seen a few white people also being called by their ancestors into the practice. The traditional healers I spoke to are totally against the use of body parts as a from of healing or when making a traditional mix and see this as witchcraft. They feel that the justice system should deal with those who perform these barbaric acts under the name of traditional healing as it’s giving a bad name to the practice. We need to catch a wake up as African people and get proper education about what the truth is before we see our children being wiped out in front of your eyes.

Killing a child for muti is not going to bring you luck nor will it make you rich or save your ailing business. Sleeping with a young girl who is a virgin will not cure you of HIV/Aids. We need a village of people who are well informed to raise our children and protect them. There is far too much ignorance which is coming back to hurt us as parents. We need harsher sentences as this cannot be ignored any longer.

It is the role of the community to keep our children safe. The rape of young girls and boys has become a daily occurrence and there is a sigh of relief when they mention that the child is still alive – now this means something is wrong in our society. It is not supposed to be like that and we cannot hurt our children like this.

We can curse all we want and do the name calling about how backwards people are but the problem will not go away. We need more education in order for people to change their attitudes. I am sure there is a rooted belief around muti killing and it needs to be eradicated. We need to speak to people’s hearts and conscience.

What measures do you take to ensure your children's safety?

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